7. What’s yours is hers and vice versa.

You can’t find you favourite top so where do you look? Your sister’s wardrobe of course! And while you’re there, you’ll probably find one of hers that goes better, so you opt for that instead. No questions asked.

It's in your DNA to be alike!

It's in your DNA to be alike!

6. She’s the first person you text when you need some advice.

No matter what it is, relationships, work, or what to have for tea - she knows you inside out and she’s got the answers.

5. And she’s the first person you call when you’ve got some good news.

There’s no bigger cheerleader in life than your sis - so obviously she’s the first one you break the news to when you’ve got something to be excited about.

4. Even the most boring of tasks are better if you’ve got her company.

You could be going to the car wash, walking the dog, or doing a food shop. Those usually menial tasks can become the best laughs if you do it with your sister.

3. And the fun stuff is even better…

If you’re sister is also your BFF you’ll want to do the fun stuff with her too - like weeknight drinks, trips to the nail shop, that concert.

2. You sometimes wonder if you’re the same person.

You are so alike that you sometimes don’t even need to finish your sentence - because she has probably already jumped in and done it for you! Sometimes you wonder if you could have a whole conversation using facial expressions because it seems like you can read each other’s minds…

She’s probably already tagged you in the meme you were about to tag her in and she’s probably already listened to the new song by your favourite artist you just sent her. You’re so on each other’s wavelength - it’s quite scary.

1. You’ve got each other’s back like nobody else.

There’s nobody else who will have you back like your BFF sister. She will tell you when you’re about to mess up and she will tell you if that skirt doesn’t go with that top. Through the good and the bad, she’s your right hand woman.

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