Maths doesn’t have to be a chore…



With Smartick, children aged four-to-14 can brush up on their maths skills with online training designed to suit each individual’s needs and ability.

Smartick gives each child the content they need to strengthen their knowledge and self-confidence while developing a positive attitude towards maths.

The Smartick method is  special, as no two people will have the same learning experiences. That’s because it uses the latest AI technology to create a unique learning programme for each individual based on their academic level in real time.  

You can also create an avatar and enter a virtual world to play games, hang out with friends in virtual treehouses and spend stars, ticks and gems on new outfits and accessories for your character following each 15 minute session.

To put your maths skills to the test visit where the program is available to download onto computers, tablets and iPads.