Amid the pandemic, when the business world was reeling under circumstances that no one had ever predicted, only quick-thinking entrepreneurs fought their way through the fog, finding opportunity and growth. In this mix were some inexperienced yet persevering individuals who were forced out of their jobs and forced to find a way out. Tadela Tedemet, aka Tadi was among them.

Tadela Tedemet

Tadela Tedemet

   Tadi is a successful online wholesaler who started her venture during the pandemic. Despite the odds, she has become exceptionally successful and went on to close a multitude of deals in a single year. She is also a living example of how to flourish even when the odds are against you! Tadi La added, "I needed to find a way to support my family and survive, and that's when I took matters into my own hands. I did my research and delved into the virtual wholesale business; the rest is history".

    Having started from humble beginnings, this waitress turned entrepreneur is inspiring others to persevere and win, no matter the circumstances. A single mom who lost her job in the pandemic, Tedemet found a way that not just paid her bills but helped her build a highly successful business.

Now she inspires others to follow their dreams as well. Learning from the same platform she now uses to teach others, Tadi's journey started through self-taught sessions on YouTube. And soon enough, she set up her own virtual wholesale business - The Hot Wholesale. Her success has made her a household name in her niche.

    Today, the Ethiopian mama, investor, and entrepreneur dishes out the lessons she has learned along the way through special mentorship workshops, inspiring others to pursue the same success she has achieved. And her workshops truly give the popular line, "If I can do it, anyone can", a whole new meaning! Now known as Tadi of The Hot Wholesale across the internet, Tadela Tedemet finds herself pushing boundaries every day. Her primary focus is to inspire others to take on the odds and achieve the same success she has achieved. "I love inspiring women, especially other single mothers who feel like they are down on their luck in life. Just showing them that with the right mindset and perseverance, anyone can accomplish anything."

      From losing a job waiting tables to striking deals 2000 miles away from home, Tadela Tedemet, aka Tadi of The Hot Wholesale, has written a story of success that ignites passion in all those who hear it. Now turning to education and real estate and replicating the same success, Tadi continues to add compelling chapters to an already influential story!