The research revealed that 51% of British adults surveyed have never told their best friend that they love them. Nearly a third have never said “I love you” to their father, and a quarter to their mother.

Apparently we struggle to show our love to our nearest and dearest!

Apparently we struggle to show our love to our nearest and dearest!

For some, it may seem strange that many people struggle to say those three words to their nearest and dearest, however, we do have our reasons. According the study, the biggest factor in keeping our feelings to ourselves comes from embarrassment. In fact, 25% of those who admit to having not told their parents they love them say that it is because they feel it is humiliating, and 18% say they worry they might embarrass the other person.

It seems we are too polite for our own good!

Despite this, it was found that over a quarter of us long to be told we are loved - so maybe it’s time to swallow our pride (sort of) and open up!

Commenting on the results of the research, Erica Nicholson, Senior Brand Manager at Interflora, said: “In the UK, there’s a stereotype that we all have a stiff upper lip when it comes to showing our emotions, and we often avoid doing it altogether. However, as our research shows, people are desperate to be told they are loved by the people closest to them. Not only that, but there are tangible benefits to both parties when it comes to sharing a heart-felt sentiment, not least when it comes to our happiness and self-esteem.

“We understand the importance of showing someone you’re thinking of them and how much you care – we’ve been helping people to do just that for almost a century. Whether it’s a grand gesture, a birthday celebration, a simple thank you to a friend, or even ‘just because’; it’s so important to translate that thought into action and send more love to family and friends – it really could mean the world to them!”

And our need for love is a real scientific thing.

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman added, “There are real scientific reasons that explain why expressing our love for others, or hearing others express their love for us, makes us feel so much better. When we express or receive love, our bodies secrete the hormones oxytocin and serotonin. This has the overall effect of making us feel happier, more content, and more secure in our relationship. Oxytocin is the same hormone that women produce when they give birth and it plays an important role in helping them to bond with their babies—but it is also important in all our other close and loving relationships too.

“Obviously, we can tell people we love them with words—in fact, it is very important that we do so—but we can also accompany our words with little gifts that make them all the more meaningful. Not just human beings but also other animal species often bring their loved ones something that they consider beautiful to show how much they care. Throughout all of human existence, flowers have been considered things of beauty and gifts associated with love and affection. When we receive flowers, we know straight away that the message they convey is ‘I love and care about you’.”

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