These days, we find a lot of celebrity news out through Instagram, straight from the stars themselves.

Whether it’s a pregnancy announcement, a new campaign they’re promoting, or simply an insight into their daily life - the famous faces we follow online seem to be just as active on social media as we are.

But it isn’t always easy to keep up with everything online - so every Sunday we bring you our seven best Insta pic picks so you never miss out on the A-list goings on.

Here are this week’s VIIPs (Very Important Instagram Posts!)

Jameela Jamil’s message on self-love

Jameela Jamil is probably the most prominent and vocal celeb using her platform to promote self-love right now.

This week she sent a message out to her fans reminding them to love their skin.

She captioned her honest post with inspiring substance on the topic of stretch marks, saying: “Boob stretch marks are a normal, beautiful thing. I have stretch marks all over my body and I hereby rename them all Babe Marks.”

We now declare the term ‘stretch marks’ banned. ‘Babe marks’ only.

Justin Bieber's April Fool

Last week, Justin made two appearances on our our week in Instagram pictures piece - and both for positive reasons.

Sadly, this week, JB has let us down.

After an April Fools Instagram post(s) claiming that him and wife, Hailey, were expecting a baby together, the internet kind of did a collective sigh of disappointment.

It’s like the first rule of April Fools Day - pregnancy is not a joke… especially just one day after Mother’s Day. In fairness to JB, he did later apologise for any offence caused… But come on, Justin - was that the best you could come up with? We thought he might have something a bit more creative than a ultrasound photo from Google.

Liam Payne’s Mother’s Day post

Liam Payne posted a lovely message to Cheryl.

Mother’s Day sees social media blow up with tributes and heart-warming messages to our Mums. But not so often do we see parents who’ve split send encouraging messages of positivity to their ex’s. That’s why we just loved this post from Liam Payne, who thanked his own Mum and Cheryl for being ‘super mums’.

More of this!

Sam Smith’s Naked Day

Another celebrity using their platform to promote body positivity is Sam Smith.

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His recent post was popular with fans as he encouraged them to celebrate their bodies by having a ‘Naked Day’.

The idea of not picking out an outfit, watching TV all day and eating whatever we want? Sounds good.

KUWTK turns 16

Can you believe this show has been running for 16 years?

The famous family have been displaying their lives for all to see for nearer to two decades than one now. And we still love it more with every day. Madness.

Dani Dyer’s book launch

It’s been a strange week for Dani.

With Jack announcing on his story that the two had split, and Dani posting this picture of her book launch, it must have been a week of mixed emotions.

We love Jack and Dani, but here Dani shows that the only man she needs by her side is her Dad.

We can’t wait to have a read of this!

But the Instagram post which is crowned our number one this week has to be…

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first post on their brand new Instagram account!

We’ve been waiting so long for it, and they finally gave us it! Just in time before baby Sussex arrives as well…

@sussexroyal is now a thing - well, it turns out that it has been a thing for a while. Apparently the account belonged to a Reading FC fan before - but you can’t argue with Harry and Meghan! The ex-owner of the handle took it all on the chin, though.

So, of course this was our favourite post. Anything royal-related is celebrate at Female First. We are excited for future posts from the soon-to-be parents!

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