As a way to stay positive, we can all try to look to the future to keep our spirits high. If you are feeling down due to lockdown, here are some things that you can look forward to when it’s all over. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Rearranging missed dates: That means lots of parties, afternoon teas, baby showers, family BBQs, cinema trips, eating out, theme park visits, weekends away, birthdays, anniversaries- whatever you’ve had to sacrifice during lockdown- don’t let it be forgotten- rearrange it once you can and fill up your diary again. 

Spending time with your mates: Because they are the family you choose and unfortunately can't live with! You will be able to have a really good catch up and an inevitable moan about the last few weeks. 

Having a post lockdown party: There’s no better way to celebrate being let out of your own home than to bring everyone together and have a big party in honour of us all being able to enjoy each other’s company again. 

Spending more time with the family that doesn’t live with you: If the lockdown has taught us anything, it’s the importance of family and being present with them. So, once we are all safe to get out and about again- spend more time with your folks and don’t put off visits or give excuses, make the effort because you know what the alternative feels like now. 

Comparing stories: We will all have lived through the same situation however everyone’s experiences will be very different. It’s important, once we are able to spend time with those outside the family home- to unpack the last few weeks/months by talking it out with others. 

Visiting all the newborn babies: You can guarantee, you will know someone who is pregnant right now- so it’s important once this is all done and dusted that you visit all the new life in your world. One thing we have learned in all of this is that life is precious and should be celebrated every day. 

Booking a holiday: If you have holidays left at the end of lockdown, make sure you use them wisely. Given the amount of time you will have spent at home, you might want to fly far away or do day trips every day- whatever you prefer, you have earned a well needed break from the nest.  

What will you do when Coronavirus is over? 

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