Every week, we like to take a look back and reminisce about some of the easier times in life. We look at the funny, the sad, the weird and the wonderful, before bringing it all together for readers here on Female First.

Happy Throwback Thursday!

In December last year, Twitter user @MotherOfDoggons asked followers what the dumbest thing they did when they were a kid was. She wrote that her "shining moment" came at four-years-old, when she attached floaties to her feet and jumped into a pool, in a bid to walk on water. She says she almost drowned.

This led to other people sharing their own experiences, which are without a doubt some of the funniest things we've read on social media!

Check out our seven favourites below:

7. Candy's for your mouth - not your ears!

6. A shock to the system

5. Just a bit of seasoning

4. Another attempted walk on water

3. A daredevil in the making

2. Perhaps use a torch next time...

1. The easiest high

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