There are lots of different online casino games to enjoy. And when we say lots, we mean thousands upon thousands of them. Along with all the different versions of casino classics like blackjack, roulette and poker, the number of online slots reaches dizzying heights, with new games released regularly.

And, like with everything that can be endorsed or based on likeness rights, so can slots. You might have seen some familiar faces on the slots before, but some of the most famous people have also made an appearance, such as Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin – though we’re not sure they’re getting the most out of their endorsements!

But how about the Geordie duo of Ant and Dec, who may be about to star in their own sitcom, or pop king, Michael Jackson? Yup, they’ve got slots, too! We’ve had a look around (it’s taken a long time) and found the top five celebrity-endorsed online casino games. If you fancy giving them a try, visit to find some good places to play. So, here are our picks.

Shouting out for Shaaaaarrroooonnn!

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

NetEnt is known for creating lots of branded slots and as part of its NetEnt Rocks series of slots, we’ve already seen Jimi Hendrix, Motörhead and Guns N’ Roses. But the bat-biting Ozzy Osborne is perhaps one of the best. Played across a simple five reels and 20 paylines, this slot brings the Prince of Darkness to life (perhaps more so than he is now!). With his music playing in the background, you can prepare for a rocking slot experience. Skulls, black crow hearts and various Ozzy associated paraphernalia adorn the reels as main symbols but it’s the bonuses that bring this slot to life. Bonus Bets, Re-Spins and Free Spins, make this game as frenetic as an Ozzy gig. Thankfully there’s no bat biting. There is a Bat head symbol though!

Moonwalking with Michael

You’ve had the Prince of Darkness, next up is the King of Pop. The slot is even called Michael Jackson King of Pop. Glitter everywhere. Spangled gloves, moonwalking shoes and MJ’s songs serenading you in the background – it’s a great legacy for the musician. It’s filled with bright, visceral colours and symbols which we reckon Michael would enjoy. But now it’s for you to enjoy, especially with the Beat It Free Spins and Smooth Criminal Free Spins and the randomly triggered Moonwalk Wilds. It’s got everything. MJ hits. Moonwalking. And brilliant bonuses. A hee hee, cha’ mone!

Old school acting on the reels

It’s not just musicians lending their likeness to slots (though there are a lot), classic movie stars are, too. And one of the most iconic actors comes back to life on the James Dean slot. We’re still not sure if the sports car and motorcycle symbols are in bad taste, but this slot has a classic look and feel which will make it seem like you’re watching one of his movies at the drive-in. It’s straightforward to play and comes with Free Spins, Re-Spins, Legend Spins and a Pick Bonus which can see you win up to 150 times your stake. All in all, it’s pretty cool.

Er... Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec
Ant and Dec

Yup, that’s right, the artists formerly known as PJ and Duncan are everywhere. Including slots! The five feel, 40 payline slot is based on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. If anyone could bring an entertainment show to the slots, it’s Microgaming, and it delivers well. All elements of the TV show feature throughout, including the Geordie two. Then there are five bonus features which ramp things up a gear. Even better, they’re all based on the TV show, such as the End of the Show Bonus and the Best Bits Bonus. There are also Free Spins, Get Out of Me Ear Free Spins with Rolling Reels and Growing Wilds, giving you the potential to win up to 17,500 times your stake. If you love staying in and you love Ant & Dec but don’t ever want to ring up for any competitions, then why not enjoy them in slot form?

Galloping to jackpots

To mix up the list, we’ve found a celebrity-endorsed slot by none other than… Frankie Dettori! The jockey, who at 49 is still in the saddle, didn’t just add his face to a slot like other celebrities have been known to. No, Frankie Dettori Sporting Legends is his legacy to horse racing and slots. The combination that no one asked for but everyone loves. It’s got Galloping Wild Re-Spins where the Wilds move across the reels. It’s got Multipliers that go up to seven times your stake. It’s got daily, weekly and mega jackpots to be won. And of course, it’s got Frankie’s name and a bunch of horses. What more could you ask for?