Everyone loves a round of a game of chance now and then. Blackjack is especially popular during the holidays, and we all know that Britain is in love with bingo, which appeals particularly to female players. But there are more casino games out there that women love to play. Let's take a closer look.

Casino on Female First

Casino on Female First

Slot games

Slot games are traditionally linked to the casino experience, and, for many women, playing slots evokes a nostalgic air of the buzzing atmosphere of luxurious gambling venues. The simplicity of the game’s mechanics and layout makes it perfect for players who are not too experienced with casino games, as they can easily learn the rules and play immediately.

Beyond their user-friendly reputation, slot games are also very popular thanks to their engaging graphics and music, which makes them extremely fun to play. Nowadays, online casinos offer a wide range of online slot games for every taste, which the women of Britain have embraced also due to the promotions that these providers routinely offer. One of the most common bonuses in the online world is offering players free spins on their favourite game. For instance, 777 Casino offers 30 free spins both to newcomers and as part of weekly promotions or reload bonuses - and several other online casinos have similar welcome bonuses. For women who are interested in fishing out the best deals around, online slot games offer plenty of opportunities!


Poker is traditionally viewed as a male-led game in pop culture – but there are many successful female poker players fiercely representing women around the world who love poker. Among the greatest of all time you will also find British players like Liv Boeree, the only female player to have won both the WSOP and the European Poker Tour.

This card game appeals to women for much the same reasons it is so popular across men: its incredible combination of skill, strategic thinking, and just the right amount of luck. Poker is a great fit for women who love to work under pressure, as you need to keep a cool head and not be carried away by emotion when deciding to bet or to fold. It is also particularly suited for those who are interested in observing and analysing the reactions of people around them, as players need to be able to understand when their opponent is bluffing as well as keep the famous poker face on.


For many people, roulette is the undeniable king of all games of chance, simply because of its well-known association with the glamour and glitz of renowned casinos like the Monte Carlo. This makes it the perfect game for those of us who are yearning for a bit of luxury in our life. It has a high entertainment factor as the outcome is based purely on luck – but you still need a little bit of strategic thinking to understand how to place your bets more effectively. For the same reasons, it is the right fit for women who like to rely on their intuition and make bold choices.

While roulette is traditionally played in person, the live casino experience has made this game a lot more fun online. Players can enjoy live video streams of real croupiers spinning the wheel, rather than just those automatic roulette games that were only available a few years ago. You can interact with the croupier and there’s a completely free table to bet on at all times - so players don’t get in each other’s way. Most modern online casinos have a live table suite. However, the better ones have a variety of tables and providers to choose from. Women looking to enjoy an online croupier casino experience can visit WithCroupier.com - a site which reviews casinos based on how good their live table games are.


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