Dogs are the best pets out there. It's not up for discussion. They're always by your side when you need a cuddle, and whilst they can drive us mad by biting through wires in their younger years, or piddling on your new rug, they can be your very best friend.

So, when it comes to treating your furry friends, you want the very best products on the market so they're left feeling great, and you can feel good knowing exactly what you're putting in your pooch's stomach!

This week, we were sent some Laughing Dog samples, which my French Bulldog, Milo couldn't wait to check out...

The range is slowly baked in a personal farm bakery, and includes treats as well as mixer meals to ensure the best nutrition and nourishment possible in every bite.

Here's everything we've trialled, which we can happily say would be perfect for your pup!

Grain Free Morning, Noon and Night

These oven-baked dog treats will help keep your dog happy from the earliest hours, right up until bed time! With no added grains or cereals, wheat, gluten or soya, they're incredibly healthy, and free from added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

The range starts from £3.99 each for a 100g box.

Complete Dry Dog Food

Available in White Fish, Duck, Chicken, Lamb, Salmon and Turkey, this dry food is marketed at both puppies and adults in either grain-free or wheat-free options. Ingredients contain Vitamins A, B, C and Omega 3 to support healthy joins, bones, muscles, skin and glossy coats, with slow-release carbs to keep your companions energised for longer.

Prices start from £8.89 for 2kg to £43.49 for 12kg.

Personalised, hand-decorated bones

If you've got a special occasion coming up, or you simply want to treat your four-legged friend, then you can't go wrong with this wheat-free biscuit bone. Decorated in a yoghurt frosting and topped with tasty carrot sprinkles, it almost looks good enough to eat for us humans! Not that we'd recommend that, of course!

The bones are priced from £4.99.

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