Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay


In an effort to ease the current pressure on its supermarket retailers and help people to stay indoors amid the Coronavirus pandemic, organic baby food brand Piccolo has opened a temporary online store which will help parents to access nutritious food and formula milk for their families, directly to their doors. With every order, Piccolo will be donating five baby meals to food banks to help vulnerable children in this time of need. 

Parents will be able to purchase one month’s supply of Piccolo’s baby meal pouches, pastas and cooking sauces, as well as its range of organic formula milks.

Sweet Pea Spoons 

Sweet Pea Spoons, is a mother and daughter ran baby meal delivery service delivering predominantly around SW London.

The brand recognises that parents with a weaning baby really only have two options at the moment; make it all yourself or buy shelf stable pouches and jars, both of which come with a compromise whether its time or quality/nutrients. The mother and daughter team are on a mission to equip busy parents with a convenient and nutritious subscription service and really believe in setting up healthy habits at the very beginning to ensure a life-long positive relationship with food and healthy eating.

In light of the current climate, Sweet Pea Spoons are still able to deliver nourishing meals despite the stress of empty supermarket shelves teamed with parents suddenly having to plan what to feed their little ones 3 times a day, 7 days a week. 

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