Victoria Kennedy is the founder and CEO of Victorious PR, a top-notch PR agency that caters to high-profile entrepreneurs and businesses. The agency specializes in public relations services like brand awareness programs, media strategy designing, media outreach management, and also verification on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Within 3 months of its inception, Victorious PR has started generating a 6-figure revenue and is now on the way to become a million-dollar business.

The roaring success of Victorious PR is attributed to Victoria Kennedy. She is an American entrepreneur, public speaker, and PR mastermind working relentlessly for years to take the agency to new heights. She is a contributor to globally renowned media publications like Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Inman News, Entrepreneur magazine, ABC, and more. Her success story has been covered in more than 200 publications.

Victoria Kennedy

Victoria Kennedy

Victorious PR has worked with high-end corporations to boost their sales through brand management programs and public relations services. The agency has a long list of top clients that includes C-level executives, influencers, and big businesses. Victoria Kennedy has single-handedly managed the operations of her agency to consistently improve its growth.

Victoria Kennedy is a celebrated TEDx Speaker and a brand ambassador for Inman. She believes that there is no standard formula for entrepreneurial success. A woman has to constantly go through the process of self-discovery to realize her talents and leverage them to become successful

3 Qualities of a Successful Female Entrepreneur

1. Take responsibility for every decision

A successful entrepreneur will always take responsibility for her action in any situation. A positive result will accelerate the growth of the company while a negative one can be a lesson for the future. An entrepreneur should be able to access the impact of her decisions on the business and take responsibility for all her decisions.

2. Have a positive approach

A successful business always follows a strong and positive vision. It is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to lead the business towards its goal with an optimistic approach. Any form of negativity can ruin the enthusiasm of the workforce that would affect the overall productivity of the business. An entrepreneur can always be cautious but never aggressive or overconfident in her approach.

3. Bring out the best version of yourself

No matter how successful a woman becomes as an entrepreneur, she should always work on herself to become a better leader. Knowledge and experience are always unlimited in any business journey, so the constant process of learning should never stop. A simple way to enjoy learning at work is to discover your talents and try to build a business around them. When passion becomes the reason to push one forward, success will definitely follow.

Victoria Kennedy identified her passion and chose to become the best in public relations. Her career was different before PR. She was an opera singer touring all over Europe to perform at concerts and cathedrals. She even got an opportunity to sing with Andrea Bocelli. She had one hit single that topped the iTunes Classical Chart in the Netherlands.

Her career as an opera singer was taking off when suddenly she had problems with her visa and the government decided not to renew her work visa to Europe. That’s when she realized the value of public visibility. She understood that her talent needs to reach people to be appreciated otherwise she can never monetize it. She reinvented herself as a PR expert starting her business with Victorious PR. Today, Victoria Kennedy stands as an example to many women who aspire to become an entrepreneur but are afraid of the challenges. She is active on Instagram and Facebook where she connects with her audience. Victoria has shown the world that a successful woman can achieve success and even though she has to start again from scratch, she can reach the position she deserves to be in.