After the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday which is all about acquiring news things- say hello to Giving Tuesday. This is a day to focus on what we can do for others and what we can let go of for the sake of the less fortunate. If you want to help others this holiday season, here are some things you can do today to make sure that your favourite charities and causes benefit too.

National Calendar Day on Female First

National Calendar Day on Female First

Make a contribution to a charity: Think about what causes are close to your heart. Have you lost someone to a specific illness or disease? Do you know someone who has recovered but you want to help others to do the same? Do you consider yourself an animal lover? Ask some questions and find out which charity you think best fits you and your family and donate whatever you can.

Donate to your local food bank: Perhaps you have some food in your cupboards that you know you are never going to eat or an excess of a something you will never finish before the expiry date- in which case- bag it up and give it to a food bank. If you don’t- why not spend a few pounds on staples at your local supermarket and send these essentials instead?

Donate towels to your local pet shelter: As the days get colder- the need to keep the animals warm is increasing so if you have any old towels in your cupboards- take them along and give your furry friends the gift of warmth and comfort this Christmas.

Donate to your local charity shop: If you need to declutter before the extra items enter your home over Christmas- donate these things that are no longer of any use to you to your nearest charity shop. Someone on a strict budget might be thrilled to purchase something you’ve given away for a fraction of the price new.

Donate to your local children’s centre: If you have children, there are bound to be things that they have outgrown or no longer play with. If you do have anything like this- give it to your local children’s centre who give items such as this away for free to those who might have no money for Christmas gifting this year.

Give to your local homeless centre: If you have any old bedding lying around that you no longer use- someone will be grateful of warm blanket and a fluffy pillow this Christmas who might be used to sleeping in just the clothes on their back. Give them something they can wrap up tight in over the colder weeks.

Buy some food for a homeless person: If you see someone on the street- go into the adjacent café and get them something warm to eat and drink. If you know you pass by someone homeless every day- take them some socks, sanitary products if it’s a lady or some food from home in your work’s backpack so you can drop them off a little bundle on your way.

Give something to someone who needs it this Giving Tuesday.

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