Today is National I Want You To Be Happy Day- a day for helping others to be happy and seeing happiness from their point of view too. While we are not responsible for anyone’s happiness but our own, we can still be cheerful towards others and spread joy around where we can. Here are just a few ways you can dish the happiness around to the different people in your world...

National Calendar Day on Female First

National Calendar Day on Female First

Workmates: Think about what brings a smile to the face of your colleagues when it’s sprung on them by someone else- and be that person to deliver it. Why not take a surprise packet of biscuits or tray of doughnuts into the office? Send an email to your boss praising a colleague. Leave a post it on your workmate’s desk with a kind note, joke or smiley face. Work is a serious business so whatever you can do to brighten it up is worth the effort. 

Partner: After a hard day at work what do you think they will appreciate the most? A hug? A take away? To watch a movie at the cinema? A cheeky drink at the pub? Consider all the things that make them smile their widest smile and make them happen however small they might be. 

Children: If they are expecting to come home after a day at school or nursery to the same old routine- dinner, bath, story and bed- why not mix things up a bit? Take them out for dinner, to visit their favourite relatives, go to a surprise evening class or play a new game together. 

Strangers: If you always get a coffee before work, why not buy one for the person behind you in the queue? Or give money or a hot breakfast to a homeless person? Give up your seat on public transport just because you can or let someone out in the queue of traffic on your commute. 

Parents: If you live close to them- why not drop in on them, grab a take away together and have a good catch up? If you don’t live close- call them up or enjoy a video chat so they can see your face while you talk. Send them a picture of you, you and your partner or you with the kids depending on your situation doing something silly. And sign off by saying how much you love them- this goes a long way. 

Grandparents: Grandparents enjoy being visited, so why not get the whole family involved and meet them at their place? You could take snacks and drinks or even all cook/buy something and take it with you so you can enjoy some good grub together while you share the gossip.  

Neighbours: Put out and take in their bin if it’s collection day, invite them over for coffee or make extra and have them over to share your evening meal. Offer to look after their pet if they are going out or to watch over the house if they are off on holiday. Grab them something at the corner shop if you are going anyway. 

There are so many small gestures that will make people happy- even if it’s only temporarily, it’s well worth it. So go and sprinkle some happiness today and beyond.

Happy National I Want You To Be Happy Day!

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