By The Spiritual Scientist 

This week begins with the longest day of the year; the summer solstice. The Sun, star of action, determination, power, confidence and creativity will govern all the signs of the zodiac especially the fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) where new beginnings, projects and chapters start! 

What will this week bring?

What will this week bring?


You are all fired up this week and determined to put your plans into action as you take each step and develop it which means that you are well on your way in making your dreams come true!


You have decided that you want to move away from the city into a more and tranquil environment; maybe by the sea, the countryside or even a secluded island. This week would be a good time to start researching into the places you would like to live and do remember, your friends and family will be happy to visit you wherever you go!


You are in your element this week shall we say, you are taking serious action in developing your new venture maybe a business or new project that excites you and that you feel you can really get your teeth into. Remember, you need to allow enough time for work and play as you don’t want to over exhaust yourself!


You will have a productive week and achieve everything you need to in relation to work, home and family ties. You are feeling confident and are enjoying the journey. There has been ups and downs but now get ready to feel the benefits of all your hard work!


You feel you have lost confidence and the extensive commitments you have in relation to your family are making you feel disoriented! It is now the time to regain your power and bring out the balance and harmony you require in your home environment.


You have been actively working towards a better work and home environment for yourself and are starting to see changes but you have been faced with obstacles and challenges which have left you emotionally drained.


Being a fire sign, you are all about action and adventure, you certainly don’t lack confidence or drive and this is making you an ideal teacher/leader to others that struggle with these qualities. 


In your work environment you are confident and the leader but you sometimes lack confidence in all other areas of your life such as relationships. It is time for you to seek advice from an expert that can help you. 


Your creativity and ideas are really starting to develop this week. You are receiving positive feedback and compliments for the work you are doing and this is giving you the much needed boost in your confidence, it is giving you the drive and desire to start your next project.  


Your freedom is really important to you but sometimes you need to compromise in relationships and understand the needs of others. You are feeling drawn to starting a new hobby where you can express yourself and your emotions; this may be painting, drawing or writing!  


You are confident and ambitious and feeling even more so with the energy of the sun this week. Time for you to dedicate to developing a new love relationship or if you are already in one building on it by taking action into making it good fir both of you. 


All your holiday plans are finally happening and you are on a much needed break this week from all the stresses and strains of the world. Time out to spend with your family is the only action you need to take as this will bring you back into balance and alignment.