New research has revealed that 61% of men and 37% of women regularly use their phone on the toilet, increasing their time on the loo from up to five minutes to up to 15 minutes. Men like to browse men’s humours websites and play games, whilst women prefer to check out social media and use messaging apps.

Do you use your phone whilst on the toilet?

Do you use your phone whilst on the toilet?

Britons pick up their phone on average between 114 and 126 times a day, with between one third and three fifths of people taking their smartphone to the toilet for browsing on the loo.

Dating apps, social media and text messaging apps are typical for both men and women, as well as fashion websites and playing games. Many have even made a phone call on the loo.

The research was carried out my as part of an ongoing study into Britons’ habits.

It was initially found that British men pick up and unlock their phone 126 times a day on average, closely followed by British women who pick theirs up 114 times a day.

61% of men and 37% of women admitted they use their phone when on the toilet. The times spent on the toilet varied from 10 to 15 minutes on average for those who use their phones and up to five minutes for those who don’t.

When asked why they use their phone on the loo, the top reasons were found to be to pass the time, and it being one of the only chances they get throughout the day to use their phone.

Asked what apps and websites they were most likely to use on the toilet, men were found to favour:

1.      Men’s humour and lifestyle websites - 83%

2.      Games - 74%

3.      Dating apps - 62%

4.      Text messaging apps - 65%

5.      Social media - 58%

Likewise, the apps and websites women were found to be favour were found to be:

1.      Social media - 95%

2.      Text messaging apps - 80%

3.      News websites - 58%

4.      Fashion websites - 55%

5.      Dating apps - 37%

Asked what other peculiar locations they liked to use their phone, 18% of men confessed to using theirs in the shower.

George Charles, spokesperson for  commented:

“We can understand using your phone while on the loo to browse the internet, but making a phone call is something else. Assuming you’re in the toilet because you ‘need to go’, it’s not the most ideal time to make a call. Unless, of course, you’re taking a break and choosing the toilet as the place to do so.

“Toilets and bathrooms are full of bacteria and that is going to be transferred to your phone, be sure to give it a wipe down every now and then if this is something you are going to continue to do.”

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