There's no doubt that gambling has become a more popular form of entertainment in recent years and the online casino sector is not the male-dominated environment many people believe it is. With so many different gaming options now available at the major online casinos, everyone can find a real money game that appeals to them.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

While women don't all flock to the same games, some games are more popular with women than with men. Let's take a look at what women want to play in 2022.


Slots are actually the most popular casino game option for both men and women resulting in an arsenal of different slot games available at all the best gambling hubs. The convenience of being able to experience different themes, each with its own symbols, gameplay, features, and sounds, at any time makes slots pleasing to all gamers.

Game developers are not unaware of women's interest in slot gaming and looking at different casinos, it's clear that more and more we're seeing titles produced seemingly for female gamers. For example, if you were to play jackpot slots with OJO, you'd see titles like Heartburst, Mega Jackpots Golden Goddess, and Agent Jane Blonde. While these titles don't specifically state that they are for women slot players, the strong female lead characters were likely designed to appeal to women. For many women, they have progressed to play slots after previously being Candy Crush Saga fans and are therefore looking for variety.

Live Game Shows

A relatively new addition to online casino gaming, but an increasingly popular option for women gamers. The major online casinos have invested heavily in constructing these live game show environments and with the professional camera operators, producers, directors, and hosts, they've developed some very entertaining titles.

For many, the thought of stepping into a TV studio and putting your reputation on the line as a game show contestant is a horrifying thought and therefore the live game show experience has become a tempting option. Playing games such as Crazy Time and Money Drop Live on your mobile phone is a great option for those that enjoy playing game shows at home, but hold misgivings about being a TV game show participant.


We could have included bingo on this list as it remains a popular choice with women, but the hybrid of bingo and slots is now outperforming that classic game. The logic isn't difficult to follow, women like slots, and women like bingo, therefore women love Slingo. The tie-ins have helped, as developers are able to create games around popular TV shows with Slingo Shark Week one of the more unexpected titles we've seen recently.

The longevity of classic casino games is largely due to their simplicity and Slingo is easy to play, but still offers all the excitement with plenty of free spins and multipliers available. Some consider Slingo the successor to bingo, but many women are still fans of the classic game and it appears bingo will always have devoted fans to keep the game alive.


This classic casino table game has always been a firm favourite with women and the move to online play has made the game more appealing. While it used to be the case that you would simply choose between American and European variants of the game, there are now many different roulette options available.

Many prefer to stick with the standard version of roulette that they are familiar with. Others like the new twists on the classic game such as XXXTreme Lightning Roulette or Multifire Roulette, which retain the standard table layout and betting options but also include various multipliers that can result in substantial wins.

While slots, live game show experiences, Slingo and roulette are the preferred options for women, with such a wide array of games available there really is something for everyone.