It seems like you can’t blink your eyes these days before another superhero movie has been released. 2019 was the year when Endgame came to our screens; the top grossing movie of all time, packed with almost the entire Marvel Universe. Infinity War, its 2018 prequel, comes in at number five of the all-time top grossing movies.

Superhero movies are proving to be studio houses’ best bets for climbing to the top of the charts and making a truck ton of money to boot. Everyone seems to love them - except, perhaps Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, who liken them more to a theme park than cinema.

But which would we rather see, really? A Lost in Translation game or an Avengers slot game? There are plenty of superhero slots games on the market already, too. NoDeposit365 features online casinos offering bonuses to win real money on superhero slots.

A word of warning before we continue...

If you haven’t seen either Infinity War or Endgame then stop right here. There will be spoilers aplenty.

First of all, both of the Avengers movies really require the backstory of all their predecessor movies to get all the neat in-jokes. To begin with, before Infinity War, for essential viewing context there are the Iron Man movies (Tony Stark did start it all, really), Thor series, The Avengers and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Captain America franchise, both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Spiderman: Homecoming, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Ant-Man (with Ant-Man and the Wasp released just before Endgame with a neat tie-in). Captain Marvel should be watched between Infinity War and Endgame (or before them if you like).

Here’s some ideas of how to watch them all - do you want to do it by timeline or movie release date?

Let's dive into where we would get the best slots

First off, the blocks, let’s take a closer look at Infinity War.

Now, what most people will remember most about the movie is the abrupt Thanos-snap ending and groans as you realised you’d have to wait ages to see how the Avengers and co. manage to snap back half the universe.

You certainly wouldn’t want this as an outcome in a slot machine! Imagine Thanos snapping away half of your earnings! No thank you. Unless... you were playing the game from Thanos’ perspective?

That way, it could be you, off hunting the Infinity Gems, picking up the Power Stone, the Time Stone, the Mind Stone, the Reality Stone, the Soul Stone, and the Space Stone as you go. Perhaps if you got all six you could hit the jackpot of the game! Although, do people really want to play the villain? And Thanos is such a villainous one at that.

While you could have fun features with a Doctor Strange time fight, and a Vision fight, ultimately, the plot of the movie surrounds Thanos collecting all the gems and then snapping away half of the universe. It’s pretty bleak and not a win at all - which is why Endgame needs to be watched immediately afterwards to make your heart sing again.

Endgame as a slot is probably going to make a better choice

While there are elements of Infinity War that would make a good slot game, if you chose the theme of the movie overall, then it’s not going to be an excellent base to encourage people they’re going to win.

So! Endgame, on the other hand, as we all know, is about unzapping the other half of the universe back into existence, through some serious time travel storylines and different Marvel characters doing some pretty nifty stuff.

This one is the feel-good, get back at Thanos and get the universe back at the same time romp that we want. Features in the slot could be the visits to various times and places to collect the Infinity Gems before Thanos grabs them, or even a showdown with Thanos.

For the jackpot, it’s collect all six Infinity Gems and just pretend that Iron Man/Tony Stark doesn’t die in the end. But hey, Robert Downey Jr. is getting on a bit and the first Iron Man film came out all the way back in 2008 - it’s been quite a while with Tony at the helm, it’s time to pass the torch!

As you can clearly see, it’s Endgame FTW if we’re talking about a new slots game that would be a better concept - or a combination of Infinity War and Endgame - they really just are two halves of the one movie, after all.