Jill Ritchie writes an exclusive piece for Female First
Jill Ritchie writes an exclusive piece for Female First

In a time when we have little to do thanks to the in-and-out lockdown and coronavirus restrictions placed upon us, it's hard not to be constantly on your phone or tablet checking social media for the latest updates on everything from the Prime Minister's floppy hair to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion with Andy Cohen.

Perhaps one of the healthiest things we can do with this time however, is take a step back from our social media accounts and have a break.

Here, Life Coach, Intimacy Coach and Female Empowerment Activist, Jill Ritchie gives her top seven reasons on why we should all take a break from social media...

1. It'll help you be disciplined with your screen time

Being disciplined with your time on social media is essential. More importantly, keeping your phone on flight mode until after 9am can be a huge help. You would not invite 20-30 people in to your bedroom first thing in the morning, so don’t invite them into your mind. This also applies to evenings! Be careful what you are allowing in to your subconscious mind before you fall asleep.

2. Comparing yourself to faux-perfect lives is unhealthy

Comparing your life to someone’s ‘highlight reel’ is hard not to do. This is a 'highlight' for a reason and just 15 seconds of someone’s 'best bits'. Remember, there are 23 hours and 45 seconds you're not seeing!

3. Judgement

Being on social media too much leads to judgement of others and yourself. Your mind is absorbing so much information that not only has nothing to do with you, but leads to jumping to conclusions and opinions about people and situations that may not be entirely accurate.

4. Time

If you are saying ‘I have no time’, then check your phone screen time, and then question if you really do have none available... With the time you are spending on social, think about what you could be doing that adds real value to your life.

5. Being fully present and enjoying company with people in real life

Being present with the people around you is key to positive wellbeing. If you are not fully present with them because you’re too busy on your phone, then what message does this give your friends and loved ones?

6. Not every moment of your life needs to be captured

You can’t beat being ‘all in’ and in the moment, rather than trying to capture it for Facebook, Twitter and Insta. Let’s face it, how often to you really go back and watch the video or look at the post? If you post for ‘likes’ then STOP. Put the phone away, and enjoy the moment in real time. Someone liking your post should and does not define you.

7. Take responsibility

Get your life back. Time is passing you by. Get your head out of your phone and start to see opportunities are all around you. You’re missing them, when you’re glued to social media. There could be a whole host of different avenues for you to go down.

Jill Ritchie is one of the UK's leading life coaches, having coached over 700 people in the last 12 months. Many have gone on to reform their lives and create new and successful businesses. Jill is also the host of the She Loves Herself Podcast, which has a new celebrity guest each week, including Lisa Snowdon, Vanessa Kanbi, Louise Rumble and more!

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