A recent study has shown that women tend to prefer slots and lottery games for their gambling needs rather than strategy, so we take a look at the key reasons behind it...

Gambling on Female First

Gambling on Female First

It’s not all about ego

When men gamble, it’s hard to not see a big element of ego driving it.

In sports gambling, men see it as a chance to show off their stereotypical masculine knowledge. In casinos they can get carried away at Blackjack and Roulette tables thinking they are James Bond. When in groups, there can often be a degree of outdoing their mates and being the biggest, gutsiest, flashiest winner.

Those things rarely matter to women, though, and with no competition required to feed an ego, things get a lot more fun and light-hearted.

Bigger payouts

This reason is perhaps the most obvious: the payouts on slots and lottery games are bigger than the more traditional strategy-style games.

Casinos have to adjust the payouts for how much a player can influence the outcome. That means that whilst the games the study has found women tend to prefer come with less chances of winning, if they do win they tend to win big.

So, essentially, the gambling is seen much more as a nice bonus to the activity, not the activity itself.

Entertainment value

There is a degree of social glamour attached to strategy-style gambling games such as Blackjack and Roulette – an almost sexy energy if you like – but they tend to only deliver on that as long as the winnings are flowing.

For periods in between it can be slow and steady, and not very glamourous at all. The roll of a dice can be exhilarating but watching someone move chips around a craps table for ages in between can have a shelf-life for many.

With slots, though, you play at your own pace, and often to your own soundtrack and pop-culture backdrop given the great array of entertainment franchises that now adorn casinos.

There are hundreds of brands now associated with slots, so it’s hard not to find something you love.

Less forces-intensive

Women tend to prefer group experiences, and that extends to gambling activities too. Party-style bingo nights have become popular for that exact reason.

Why, then, would anyone want to take away from that by focusing instead on strategy at a blackjack or poker table.

Such tables can be social places, but they are at their core strategy games that require concentration on the game itself, as your chances of winning are directly linked to your ability to beat someone else, whether that be a dealer or another player.

Shorter gaming sessions

Gambling is fun, but there are a whole lot of other fun things to do with your time too.

Studies show that women do not have the same thirst for longer gaming sessions because they have a much more varied array of responsibilities than men and are much more inclined to embrace them.

Whether it’s family focus, socialising, or whatever, women tend to be far less able to invest large quantities of time into activities than men, and so slot and lottery-style gambling games are easier to justify than time-intensive strategy games.