Happy World Goth Day to all the dark children of the world. Today marks a day where goths can celebrate their vibrant scene and raise awareness for goth-related problems - such as poor quality black lipstick. Unfortunately, a lot of normies have a few misconceptions about us goths that we're going to clear up once and for all.

Photo Credit: Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

1. We only wear black

Not all of us dress like we have a funeral every day of the week (though black is the most flattering colour) and nor will we only make exceptions for dark red and purple. The cybergoth image, for example, is all about neon colours and pastel goths have an affinity with all things baby pink and lilac. So there.

2. The Cure are goth

Most goths are all for The Cure and Robert Smith's image, but that doesn't mean they're a goth band. Smith has repeatedly stated that The Cure are not a goth band, and that he doesn't even like goth music. And if you listen to them beside, say, Christian Death, then it's kind of obvious where they lack in gothness.

3. We listen to death metal and/or post-hardcore

We're goths. We listen to goth music. I'm not trying to play gatekeeper here, I'm aware that the goth aesthetic has many influences and it's not all about the music, but if you're listening to Pierce The Veil you're probably emo, and if you're listening to Cannibal Corpse, you're probably a metalhead. Gothic rock/metal, EBM, industrial, post-punk and new wave are the genres most associated with the goth subculture.

4. We don't go out in sunlight

We need Vitamin D like anybody else and sunshine is the perfect excuse to don dark glasses and pretend we're all mysterious. Of course, a lot of us do slather on more factor 50 sunblock than is strictly necessary to maintain our ethereal blanched complexions, but we're not vampires. Some of us sleep in regular beds rather than coffins too!

5. It's just a phase

Sure, we started this as teens. But if that's now more than ten years ago you can probably expect us to wearing New Rocks for the rest of our lives. Of course, some of us will tone it down and need nothing more than a Die Krupps T-shirt and black jeans to show our appreciation for the subculture, but the gothness never dies.

6. We're all miserable

Just because our make-up makes us look unapproachable and moody doesn't mean we are. We have just as much fun as anybody else. What is true about the goth subculture is that we have such an open communication about mental health because so many of us have turned to the aesthetic after feeling like an outcast everywhere else. But all of us smile and most of us are happy because we're not desperately trying to "fit in" with society.

7. We worship the devil

Some of us might, but the majority of us worship Andrew Eldritch. You can be a goth and still have religious values associated with Christianity. Some of us are Pagan, but that does NOT mean that we worship Satan.

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