Courtesy of The Spiritual Scientist 

The new moon in libra this week will bring new beginnings and opportunities. This is the time to set intentions and revisit your goals. The sign of libra will bring balance, harmony and justice in areas of your lives but may make leave you indecisive and dependent on others.

Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First


Your nurturing side will be enhanced and spending time with your children and people close to you will be your desire. You always try to bring harmony in your household but be careful not to upset others with your high expectations and demands.


You will feel brave to encounter a new relationship but remember to tell the truth about what you are looking for from the start. You must be patient and give your desires time to manifest.


Your goals are set for a new project involving your work and your hobby which is makes you feel enthusiastic and excited at the same time. Be open to receive guidance and love from others that wish to help you at this time.


Your organized way of thinking is great but you need to be a bit more flexible with your plans and acknowledge that you may encounter teething problems when starting new adventures in work and play.


Ideas, plans and goals are always on your agenda but now you must be brave and go into a new chapter of your life involving change in career. You are very independent and like to work alone but sometimes it is nice to work with others and share your ideas.


You will feel balanced emotionally and will experience long awaited harmony in all your relationships. You will embark on a new creative project which will bring you joy but remember to be patient with yourself and others.


There will be a change in your home environment this week. It is very exciting for you and you are really happy about it. You must show consideration to others because you may need their help in the future.


Take a risk and begin something new that you have always wanted to do. Have fun with it and don’t feel anxious about every single detail at this time. You will experience love and harmony in your relationships


Now is the time to make a change in your working environment and do something you enjoy. You need to be patient and put the work in as this transition and be aware that it will take time to come into fruition.


You are very emotional and are finding issues harder to deal with than usual in your work as well as your home environment. To bring back harmony and peace, spend time doing some exercise as this can help you feel happy and more balanced.


You will embark on a new journey of self-development and you have built the courage now to embrace this fully. Others in your life might not be as happy for you because they think you are changing many areas of your life too quickly.


You have created a great list of all your goals and what you want to achieve this week in a very organised and tidy way. You have a lot to do to achieve them but you have the determination to achieve all that you want.


Maria is a scientist in cancer research, with degrees in Biochemistry and Neuroscience from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College, London. She has worked in prestigious scientific institutes throughout her scientific career, including London School of Pharmacy, Imperial College and The Royal Marsden Hospital, London.

She has been an author in many scientific publications, including a first author paper, which is recognition for her scientific research. Maria has taught many medical doctors and students scientific concepts in biology, physics and chemistry. She has supervised them, and helped them pass examinations and obtain MDs and PhDs.

Maria is a gifted third-generation spiritual psychic, incarnated angel, clairvoyant, intuitive reader, angelic reiki practitioner, Atlantean healing practitioner, qualified animal healer and communicator, crystal healer, Einstein channel, public speaker, teacher and author.

From a young age, Maria has been highly sensitive to energetic fields of places and people, and has been blessed with spiritual gifts to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, to educate others in gaining the scientific background to help them understand spirituality, and to bring them peace and balance in their everyday lives.