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Mercury, planet of communication, expression, memory and thoughts. This planet is highly influential in all signs of the zodiac in particular the air signs: Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Use this week to get across all your ideas and speak your truth as this will benefit you in all areas of your life. 

Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First


You will be writing lists and making plans on how you can make your ideas happen as this helps you organise your thoughts. Be open to trying new methods of communication. 


Gemini, Mercury is your ruling planet so this week will be a very exciting one for you as you voice your ideas to others who are really interested in all the new ideas you are coming up with and are also willing to help you. 


Good as well as bad memories will come flooding back this week; you remember the joy and the pain, but all is a learning curve and the experiences are beneficial to planning your future. 


Your ideas are coming in at a rapid rate and you sure are not wasting any time in putting them into action but always remember to be considerate to others and try not to be too demanding with your work colleagues. 


You will be a social butterfly this week and enjoy catching up with friends which has been much needed and you have so much to talk about and what new adventures you are hoping to go on. 


You are putting a lot of stress on yourself as you are finding it very difficult to make decisions with your home improvements and this is causing arguments with your loved ones. This is something that makes you upset as you always seek harmony and balance in your relationships. 


Being yourself and expressing yourself in a work environment is needed this week. You feel like you have been taken for a ride and now is the right time to address this with senior management. All you want is recognition of your hard work! 


Now you are spreading your excitement by expressing all the new things you have learnt on your new adventures. You do believe that anyone can do what you have done, they just need to think outside the box and be spontaneous with their actions. 


You know actions speak louder than words and you are being proactive in making things happen for you this week. However, you are finding it hard making decisions about your home life and environment  


You are voicing your teachings, knowledge and spirituality to a much global audience and you are using different types of communication to achieve this. You are on a new magical journey now. 


You are feeling confident meaning you can speak up and stand up for yourself, you also have the courage to speak to others about what they do that upsets and this comes as a shock to them. 


You are feeling really passionate this week about a specific cause and this is reflecting on others who are inspired by you and your work! Your favourite way of communicating is by speaking which you will be doing a lot this week. 

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Jupiter, planet of freedom and expansion with Saturn, planet of discipline and control and planet Neptune, planet of emotions and sensitivities will be in alignment with earth this week dominating all areas of your life in particular work and relationships...

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