Jupiter, planet of freedom and expansion with Saturn, planet of discipline and control and planet Neptune, planet of emotions and sensitivities will be in alignment with earth this week dominating all areas of your life in particular work and relationships.

Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First


It will be an emotional week for you as you find moving on and making decisions difficult. When you are taken out of your comfort zone, you don’t feel in control. The challenges and the experience will help you grow!


You are feeling energised this week and determined to stick to a healthy regime of a balanced diet and exercise. You must focus on letting go of the bad habits that you have got used to and look after you mind, body and soul.


Acknowledging your faults is very difficult for you and this week they will come to the surface meaning that you must deal with them and make the changes needed. This will be emotional but once you acknowledged these issues you will have the freedom you have been seeking.


What a week for you Leo! You have been on an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs and have been feeling irritated with certain members of your immediate family. You need to learn to appreciate the opinions of others even if they don’t align with your own!


Finding the balance between work and play will be a struggle this week as your perfectionist manner will mean you are spending way too much time in the office. This in turn will put pressure on your emotional state and cause tension with your family. Take some time out to rest and do something you enjoy!


Being too dependent on others to help you make decisions and do things your way is causing arguments making you feel really annoyed. Be patient and listen to the ideas of others which may be helpful in what you want to achieve. Spend some time alone to balance your emotions and think about your actions.


You must spend time dealing with your emotions and not bottling them up! This will help you release and heal your energy. Taking time out from a troubled relationship will be beneficial for you. It is the right time to actively look for new job opportunities that will bring you the satisfaction and value you seek.


You are well into your new adventure but are beginning to miss the friends and family you left behind on your quest for freedom and excitement. It would be a good idea to contact them as this will help and heal both parties as they are missing you as much as you are missing them.


Finally, you are enjoying the freedom of being your own boss but remember, be aware and make sure to have a balance in all areas of your life. Sometimes in life, one area of your life is going really well but the other areas need working on. Take time to address what you desire in life to bring you fulfilment.


You need to spend time alone because you have so many ideas you would like to pursue to help people, children and animals but remember, you must be disciplined and in control by taking one idea at a time that you can focus on and complete before you begin the next one.


It will be an intensely emotional week for you because of personal relationships where others are making you feel uneasy. Be disciplined enough to stay away from others that bring you upset and anguish. This will give you the freedom to be happy again.


Be patient in your romantic relationship or if you are single looking for the perfect partner. You could drive them away or attract the wrong person. Be open to meeting people in a different way for example by joining a club or group doing something you enjoy!

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The first quarter moon is visible in the night sky at the beginning of the week; it is the time to manifest and maximise your intentions set on the new moon. This week sees Mars, planet of power, intense energy and action and Venus, planet of love and harmony in alignment with the earth this week.Both these planets will influence further acton to achieve our goals this month as well as paying attention to self-love and loving others...

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