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The first new moon of the astrological year in the sign of Aries signifies new beginnings and it is the time to set intentions, develop and make future plans. Aries, a fire sign will bring passion, ambition, determination, confidence and enthusiasm to your daily life this week. You may have the courage and assertiveness to move in a new direction in a specific area such as relationships, careers or a new home.

Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First


You will be admired for your enthusiasm and passion this week and your friends and family will be coming to you for advice and help. You are pleased that others are requiring your expertise and leadership skills.


Being strong and looking after your family is what you do the best. You are going to see a massive change in your home environment very soon but you just keep thinking whether moving to a different location is the best decision for the whole family.


You are determined to make a plan on what you would like to change in your life especially in your work environment. Set your intentions and think about what you really want to happen in your life. Remember, ‘you are the captain of your ship!’


You have been waiting for so long for major changes in your life to occur because your current situations are not where you want to be! Take back control and be clear with others about what you truly want and don’t just go along with what others want you to do.


You are feeling really energetic and adventurous this week and your friends/family are enjoying being around you, it is as if they want to soak up this energy and be like you! The early start of a new career venture is going well!


You are excited about trying something new this week to bring out your creative side. It is about time you took a little break from your commitments and recharged your batteries by spending some time alone to discover new things!


You are feeling confident and are happy to do certain things independently. This will help you grow and have different experiences. It will help you discover new things about yourself and what you enjoy.


It has been a tough time for you recently, you feel unhappy in your work and home environments and are looking for a way out of your current situation. You must focus on what makes you happy and invest your time and energy to make it happen!


You are feeling free and are so excited to be able to begin the new adventure you have been planning for a while! Now is the time for you to birth your dreams, the only thing is that you may have to leave others behind who are not supportive of your work!


Be brave and stand up for your beliefs even if others don’t approve. The more you hide what you truly want and need, you will become frustrated and unhappy. Honour and be true to yourself!


You are feeling energised and creative which will be useful in driving your projects forward. It is the best time to spend and plan your new line of work. Your love relationship is really starting to blossom.


It is time for you to take control of your emotions and focus more on what you want from your relationships. Sometimes being sensitive makes others depend on you that are not helping you but are thinking of themselves.

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Jupiter, the planet of expansion, adventure and liberation and Saturn, planet of discipline, control and organisation will be in direct alignment this week bringing a balance of both energies to all areas of your life including relationships, work and home environments...

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