new survey by HelloFresh, the UK’s leading recipe box service, has found that Brits are lacking in confidence in the kitchen — with a quarter not able to confidently boil an egg.

Do you lack confidence in the kitchen?

Do you lack confidence in the kitchen?

The survey of 2,000 adults found that Brits were most comfortable with basic kitchen tasks, such as chopping an onion and baking a potato. Respondents lacked advanced kitchen skills, with only 19% saying they could confidently butterfly meat. Around 75% said they had difficulty julienne slicing, while two thirds struggled with peeling ginger.

Because Brits are reliant on basic cooking skills, the types of meals they are rustling up are lacking in variety. The survey found that the top-three dishes on our menus are sausages and mash, beans on toast and spaghetti Bolognese, as we rely on our tried-and-tested meals. We most commonly cook with chicken and interestingly, we reach for the cheese more often than vegetables like broccoli and carrots.

Just four in 10 Brits know more than nine recipes, while the average UK chef’s mental cookbook contains less than six meals. Perhaps then, it’s not surprising that 49% said they wouldn’t describe themselves as being a good cook.

Of those who did not class themselves as having good culinary skills, 30% believe it was because they hadn’t been taught how to cook. A quarter said they were not confident enough to try new recipes and 21% cook the same meals on rotation, for fear of getting new recipes wrong.

Commenting on the findings, CEO of HelloFresh UK, Clare Davenport said:

“Learning to cook new dishes can be easy with a little help.  HelloFresh’s recipes are developed by our chefs, and are tried and tested so we know they work every time. Customers build on their culinary confidence - learning to cook over 150 recipes every year, using a variety of flavours from across the globe and easy-to-master cooking techniques.”

“We portion and pack all the fresh quality ingredients customers need, pop in step-by-step recipe cards and deliver everything to their door ready for them to cook and enjoy.”

With this in mind, here are seven tips that can help inexperienced cooks sharpen up their skills in the kitchen:

  1. Use a teaspoon to peel ginger — simply run the edge against the surface to easily remove the skin.
  2. Keep your knives sharp — allowing your knives to dull will make chopping fruit, vegetables and other ingredients tough.
  3. Taste as you cook — adding more ingredients is easy, but taking them away is much more difficult. Taste your food as you go to check whether you need more seasoning.
  4. Stay in the kitchen — distractions can see you leaving the kitchen and potentially returning to an overcooked or burnt dish!
  5. Read through your recipe properly before you begin cooking — this allows you to get everything you need ready ahead of time to avoid any potential issues once you get started.
  6. Crack eggs on a flat surface to avoid eggshell mixing with the egg.
  7. Make sure your pans are hot before you start cooking.


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