As the world shifts towards a more carbon-neutral stance, it is clear that eating less meat is sometimes a good thing. Vegan food has long suffered the reputation of being just leaves and mushrooms; however, with a bit of innovation and a drizzle of Texas olive oil, you are sure to have a delicious gourmet vegan meal. Local business Texas Hill Country Olive Co. has harnessed the perfect flavors and notes within their selection of products to produce one of the best ingredients to include in your vegan dishes.

Vegan Dishes

Vegan Dishes

Whether you are health conscious or want to reset and challenge yourself after indulging throughout the holiday season, healthier options like Meatless Mondays don’t have to include bland meals. Here are some of the best vegan dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

Who Needs Butter When You’ve Got Texas Olive Oil?

Butter is probably one of the most complex flavors to replace when making vegan meals, and the texture and the flavor are essential when it comes to finding a suitable substitute. Olive oil is perhaps one of the only fats that come close to offering the same culinary experience.

Swapping out the butter in a recipe can sound adventurous. Will it taste the same? Will the food have the same texture or palate? Well, it is simple; use slightly less oil than you would butter in just about any recipe, and you will have a winning combination.

‘Buttery’ Brushed Bruschetta

Topped with Cashew-nut cheese and roasted Mediterranean veg, this is perhaps one of the most impeccable meals you can make quickly and easily. It is healthy, heart happy, and succulent. Opt for a rich, hearty Texas olive oil instead of brushing your bread with butter, then add some chopped garlic cloves.

Try roasting your veg in olive oil with a light flavor profile or an infused one and topping with freshly cracked sea salt. The brushed bruschetta is the ideal alternative to buttery Texas toast, and you can substitute it in just about any recipe that would ordinarily call for toasted garlic bread. 

Texas Vegan Shortbread
Texas Vegan Shortbread

Texas Vegan Shortbread

Melt in your mouth shortbread is one of the best offerings to treat a guest or to indulge in at midnight. Finding a vegan version might seem impossible; however, nothing ever beats a homemade batch of flakey and melt in your mouth biscuits.

Texas olive oil is a fantastic substitute for butter in any of your shortbread recipes. Try experimenting with different flavors and using light and dark varieties combined with herbs such as thyme and a delicate hint of lemon zest.

Texas Olive Oil Cake with Citrus

Forget about drizzle cakes and complicated frosting affairs with this hearty and wholesome cake. This vegan cake is sweet, tart, and zingy, and it has all the right amount of flavor folded into the perfect texture.

These versatile cakes are perfect for breakfast tea or an after-dinner dessert. When making this signature cake, be sure to choose a citrus fruit that suits the occasion. Try this winning combination: blood orange and a dark robust Texas olive oil work just as well as light lemon citrus paired with a slightly lighter variety.

Homemade pasta is a dish you can never go wrong with. To veganize this dish and keep it tasting as good as traditional pasta, choose a good quality oil to substitute the eggs in the mixture. The fat will help create flavor and a velvety texture.

When serving your homemade pasta, it is vital to remember that some of the best pasta dishes are the simplest. Adding a sauce to your pasta shouldn’t hide the delicious flavor of the noodles; instead, the sauce should complement the textures and taste of the delicious dough. Try these simple vegan dishes:

Sultry Sundried Tomato Pesto

Simply Delicious Pastas Made With Texas Olive Oil

With homemade pasta, drizzle your favorite Texas olive oil over and top with a dollop of vegan sundried tomato pesto and freshly chopped basil leaves for an easy weeknight dinner that is simply delicious. Try creating delicious dressings with sauteed garlic and mushrooms, fresh herbs, and aromatics that complement the flavor of your pasta without covering up its natural goodness.

Aglio E Olio

Even when you are out of ingredients, your pantry will often have enough to make one of the most basic yet excellent pasta meals out there. Aglio e Olio translates to “garlic and oil,” the two cornerstones of any Italian meal. When paired together, they can turn a simple dish into a vibrant and gourmet dinner.

This traditional Italian dish has all the right flavors; the gently earthy garlic and soft notes of cracked pepper enhance the buttery decadence of the Texas olive oil. Make sure you choose a dark and robust variety and good-quality vegan parmesan for the best results.

Vegan Colcannon

This classic Irish dish is traditionally made with hearty portions of butter. With healthy leafy greens folded into fluffy and mouthwateringly good mashed potatoes, this might just become your newest winter comfort food.

Making a vegan option is as simple as using a buttery Texas olive oil not only within the mashed potatoes but also to braise your kale and green onions delicately. For a Southern twist to this classic European, use braised collard greens instead of kale.

Orange and Almond Biscotti

Also known as Paximadia, this classic tea time treat is perfect for any taste bud. Whether you prefer something sweet or err more on the savory side, this is the perfect little something to snack on. Made with delicate oil, you can adjust and add various flavors to produce perfectly crunchy biscotti to match your morning cup of joe!

Making a Meal Vegan

You can make any dish completely vegan with plant-based ingredients, and there is usually an alternative for everything from honey to butter and cream. For naturally delicious meals, choose quality ingredients such as high-grade locally produced Texas olive oil from the Texas Hill Country Olive Co. for truly great-tasting meals.

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