Summer is the perfect time to find the nearest beer garden and sit with your girl pals with an ice cold refreshing cider in your hand. And with all sorts of flavoured ciders hitting the supermarkets, you’re sure to find a drink to suit your mood.

Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider – This is the perfect summer drink and tastes just like strawberry laces! This Swedish cider has a sweet, refreshing taste of strawberry with a subtle hint of lime.

Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Cider – The taste of summer! Kopparberg mixed fruit contains mouth-watering apples with a touch of blackcurrant and raspberries. Perfect for sitting in the beer garden with your favourite pals, catching up on all the latest gossip.

Brothers Toffee Apple Cider – Yes, toffee cider! This may have an acquired face but give it a try first; it may become one of your favourite flavoured ciders.

Bulmers Cider Pressed Red Grape – A new flavour brought my Bulmers! This smooth and refreshing cider is blends apple and grape for a delicious finish.

Magners Irish Cider Limited Edition Berry – This Irish cider is a blend of pears and orchard berries that comes together to make a smooth, beautiful drink. Magners has made a cider that no longer seems stereotypically manly and with new flavours cropping up all over the place, women are now taking to the bottle for this refreshing drink.

Are you a cider drinker? What flavoured cider will you be drinking in the beer garden this summer?

By Claire Lancaster

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