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Caroline Oldham

Caroline Oldham

Hope you are all well and enjoying what is the last few weeks of summer before the wind and rain set in! I have had lots going on these past few weeks, we have some exciting news that we are launching soon called the Biteappy Club, you can find out more and register your interest using this link: https://www.biteappy.com/blog/biteappy-club/ there is already a lot of people signed up so make sure you don't miss out.

By registering you will be open to getting all the early bird discounts that will be on offer and you will also be the first to know everything exclusively before the big launch! It also means that you will be able to interact with me a lot more which I have learnt over the past 12 months is what people are wanting so I decided to do exactly that. This week we have been doing tonnes of filming finding easy and simple ways for coeliacs, gluten free and vegans to get back into the kitchen cooking. All to be revealed soon!

I had the pleasure of meeting Veena at the Foodies Festival in Harrogate last month where she was telling me about her and her sister Nilam story of creating the brand Curry on Cooking.

I was immediately drawn to the stand as I read the numerous free from signs. They are simple sachets of curry powder mix that you need to add a few simple ingredients too such as tomatoes, onions and soya cream and that it is, the perfect curry is ready to eat!

They are free from lasts of 'nasties' including sugar, gluten, dairy, additives and preservatives and made from 100% spices and herbs!

We gave them all a try even including the super spicy madras and jalfrezi which was a bit much on the spicy front for me but other members of the team loved them so it all comes down to which flavour curry you usually have and your preferred tastes. I am more of a korma kind of girl and this one suited me perfectly, mixed up with some soya cream this mild curry was delicious. I often make a korma from scratch but they are not easy to make as there is a lot going on so this sachet of the core herbs and spices is perfect for me and really suits my busy lifestyle when I want just a quick and easy meal and a great healthy alternative to buying a takeaway.

Here is a picture below of the '3 hotties' as I like to call them, Jalfrezi, Balti and Madras. These ones are mainly tomato based but really delicious! They ship anywhere over the UK, just head to their website and check it out, you won't be disappointed and like me will probably skip that takeaway and head or the sachets.

Keeping on the curry front of things my latest recipe I am going to share with you is this gluten free katsu curry. It is one of the things I really missed since being a coeliac and I have never found any restaurant serving a gluten free version so hence why I created my own! https://www.biteappy.com/blog/blog/gluten-free-chicken-katsu-curry/

Until next time xoxo

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