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Caroline Oldham

Caroline Oldham

Wow hasn't the weather been great, I haven't been caught with the torrential rain yet so sorry to all those who have. It has been so nice to throw a playsuit on this past week rather than jeans and a jumper!

It has been a couple of weeks of great sadness with the attacks in Nice, I was actually with a friend in Pornic in Nantes at the time, even though we weren't in Nice the terror felt like it spread around the whole country so the feeling in France was very sad. So my prayers and thoughts go out to all the family and friends of those who were in the attack or lost loved ones in the attack.

My time in France was lovely, though, my favourite thing to do when I go to France is check out the French markets, I mean fresh food daily what more could you want. The fact that you can stroll down your road to buy your lunch and dinner is just so nice! We bought some amazing fresh fruits and vegetables along with a cooked chicken which we had for lunch. We generally ate really well out there but it is hard not to with all the fresh food dotted around the town. Pornic is a beautiful town, I would highly recommend a visit, however, I did struggle with food a little as I tend to do in France, either limited choice or high chance of cross contamination that goes on within the kitchen.

So I would say if you are a coeliac or you do have allergies just be careful, make sure you have the Biteappy app and make sure you use the translations to help you communicate what you can and can't eat. Pornic is famous for its strawberry sorbet which is gluten and dairy free so I managed to tuck into a few of these as you can imagine in 35-degree heat, it was really needed! The most famous place is La Fraiseraie which is dotted around the region, they don't just have strawberry they have so many different sorbets and ice creams to choose from.

Restaurant Hangout of the Week

There were a few nice places we ate, however, the most confident I felt was at a local creperie called La Gourmandine, located off the sea front and down the back streets. I was delighted when they told me that all their galettes were gluten free so I could have what I wanted, can you imagine the excitement of the thought of having a crepe that isn't cooked in my own kitchen!

So I decided to obviously go for the most deliciously outrageous one I could find, that was called 'steak hache', which was a galette with a burger inside it, some roasted peppers and onions, an egg on stop and sided with some fries! Oh my goodness absolute heaven, so delicious! There is also a few other places that do gluten-free galettes around Pornic, I couldn't find anywhere which did a gluten free crepe but I was happy with the fact I had the savoury version then I just topped myself up with the sorbets!

So in the theme of pancakes and crepes, if I have got your mouth watering for one then give my recipe a go... they are great in summer with some freshly squeezed lemon to refresh!


Caroline Oldham

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