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Caroline Oldham

Caroline Oldham

Last weekend I visited some friends in Geneva who are now living there with their two young children. I hadn't been before so was really intrigued, it is such a beautiful place and as their house was on the lake it as just perfect. Getting around was really easy and all their trains are wonderful, so airy and spacious compared to the ones we are used to in England!

We visited the Botanical Gardens and walked around the Lake a few times as the Geneva Festival was on so it was a good chance for me to have a good walk around and see what there was to offer. I was really surprised as I walked around I stumbled across two places which were selling 100% gluten free food, I decided to go for the Thai street food, this was delicious, it was rice noodles with vegetables and tofu in a sweet chilli sauce and was so tasty, however the price tag was eye watering for a bowl of noodles and a water I was hit with a whopping 21 Francs which is roughly £17! Eek yes very expensive and that is Geneva for you so make sure you take a good amount of spending money with you.

My friends actually lived in Versoix which is about a 15min train journey from Geneva so was really quick to get in and out and was nice being on the outskirts where it is nice and quiet. We spent most days walking down to the port and having lunch down there at this really hidden away yet bustling café called Buvette De Port, where they had some delicious gluten free and vegan soups, along with some lovely salads. The staff there spoke really good English although I did use the Biteappy app to help translate my dietary requirements. I would recommend seeking this place out if you are ever in the area.

This week's recipe is a dish I made whilst I was in Geneva for all of my friends, it is my gluten free Nachos, can also be vegan with the right cheese! Totally delicious and full of flavour:


Caroline Oldham

We had a lovely walk around Nyon and the castle there which was really pretty, it has a very French feel to it and so does the food.

Restaurant Hangout of the Week

This has to be the Creperie we found by luck in Nyon, called Le Tac Oh along the little windy streets, it is definitely worth finding. On the off chance, I popped in and asked if they did gluten free crepes and to my delight their galettes were totally gluten free! I obviously got very excited! I ordered the tomato and mozzarella galette, since my lactose intolerance has subsided I have been experimenting a little bit with lighter cheese, I find I can tolerate a bit as long as it is not too heavy.

It was topped with fresh green salad dripped in a delicious vinaigrette, this to me was such a novelty to have out, I wasn't disappointed by the taste either it was full of flavour and was also really filling. The only thing to mention would be the price again... 20 France for a galette so again about £16 ish, it was pretty pricey but unless you want to sit in Macdonald's and not enjoy the culture and food this is the prices you will pay.

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