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Caroline Oldham

Caroline Oldham

This week I have been up to London searching for wedding venues, wow it is harder than I thought or maybe I am just really picky! We also popped back to Centre Parcs with some friends which was really good fun, as always the spa was amazing the staff were really friendly and this time we did some mini golf and bowling which was great!

We went to a wonderful Moroccan restaurant at the weekend so in keeping in the theme I am going to share one of my favourite Middle Eastern recipes. This vegan okra stew is easy to make and perfect for a dinner party. It is gluten free, dairy free, soya free and vegan and full of healthy nutrients.

Okra is really good for you besides being low in calories it is full of plenty of vitamins in the category A, Thiamin, B6, C, folic acid, riboflavin, calcium, zinc and dietary fibre. This vegan okra stew is mainly made from spices, including turmeric which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is a very strong antioxidant.


Caroline Oldham

Restaurant Hangout of the Week

This weekend we headed up to London to meet the team at Momo and check out their Moroccan style cuisine. Located down the small bustling Heddon Street is this wonderful Middle Eastern restaurant. We were greeted with such a wonderfully warm welcome, all the staff were so friendly and the restaurant itself has such a lovely middle eastern feel, the decor is exquisite and even the finest details of the plates matching were evident in the overall design.

We started off with some delicious mocktails which were so lovely and refreshing with some great flavours along with some warm gluten free bread and olives on arrival, what a perfect start to the dinner. We started food with a selection of Mezze which included, baba ganoush with chicken kidney which was so delicious lovely deep aubergine flavours with pomegranates dotted around the plate for that extra sweet taste, it was so fresh. Mechoula was a dish which incorporated flamed mixed peppers in a tomato sauce fresh clean flavours hinted with spices of coriander and cumin. Mechoula was a dish which incorporated flamed mixed peppers in a tomato sauce fresh clean flavours hinted with spices of coriander and cumin.

We had a slight breather between courses and next up was the mains and Momo kindly gave us a few dishes to try, these included: Chicken Tagine with preserved lemons and olives was so refreshing on the palate great if you like sharp and tangy flavours but still very mellow so it's not over powering. Vegetable Tagine is great for all those veggies out there cooked in a Moroccan chermoula sauce these weren't ordinary vegetables but were powered with flavours. The for Two (lamb shoulder) was the star of the show, this came recommend by the waiter, it rests in spices for 12 hours and cooked for 5 hours to make it succulent this did not disappoint it fell off your fork and melted in your mouth.

They cook and present it with soaked dried fruits such as apricots, prune and pears this sweet dish oozes flavour with every mouthful. We finished the evening with some delicious mint tea with rosewater flavouring and some gluten-free Moroccan sweets which were really tasty and sweet. The thing I really enjoyed about Momo was that from the door staff to the waiters, they all reassured me throughout my meal about what I could and couldn't eat and that they were all aware of my dietary requirements.

This is always so important when I dine out, I am definitely going to go back and eat at Momo and I have heard they do an amazing birthday surprise, 'Moroccan Style' so I will have to head back and see what it is all about. For more information, visit their website here momoresto.com and they are also featured on the Biteappy app so get reviewing!

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