National Chip Week: Beauty Queen Goes Chip Couture

National Chip Week: Beauty Queen Goes Chip Couture

Not only is it Fashion Week but it’s also National Chip Week and students from Sheffield Hallam University celebrated the two by creating a chip dress.

The current Miss Sheffield, Jade Mellows, modelled the creation in Meadowhall Shopping Centre on Monday.

It took hours to design and make the dress, which includes a skirt of chips as well as a chip sash but Emily Hewtison, one of the dresses’ creators, said, “We had so much fun with this project, from the very first sketches to the technical challenges around how the chips would be applied.”

The dress was made using five different fabrics and a special laser cutting technique to allow the chips to be fastened.

In total, 1,050 chips were used to make the dress and were attached by a team of ‘chiponistas’ from Harry Ramsden’s in Meadowhall Shopping Centre’s Oasis Dining Quarter.

Emily continued, “British fashion is known for its eccentricity, but ‘chip couture’ might be a step too far – even for London Fashion Week. Showing the dress to shoppers definitely raised a few looks today. We even had to fend off a few hungry ones!”

Kate Cox, marketing manager for Potato Council, said, “Britain is truly a nation of chip lovers and Chip Week is a fantastic celebration of our great food tradition.

“We always enjoy the creativity and ingenuity that Chip Week tends to inspire, and these fashion students have certainly taken it to a whole new level!”

What do you think of the chip dress, would you be able to wear one without snacking on it? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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