DJ BBQ has teamed up with Kärcher to share his top cleaning tips with people across the UK this summer, so you can get outside cooking and rest assured you're going to walk away with a clean barbecue when all is said and done!

Stay clean this summer!

Stay clean this summer!

High Pressure washers

  • Patio cleaners are great for getting those large areas clean quicker. They're great for patios, fencing and even plastic facades.
  • se a Kärcher detergent to make sure you get rid of the slippery winter mess on your patio. Kärcher detergents are specifically formulated to clean more effectively, prevents dirt from coming back and protects your patio.
  • Use your vario lance to remove the built up of dirt from those chilly winter months, and the dirt blaster is great for any brick barbecues.

Tough Vac

  • Leaves and moss can be a nightmare on your patio. You can use any of our Tough Vac range to suck up these irritating messes, and on selected models you can use the blow function to push the leaves into a nice neat pile, ready for vacuuming.
  • Use your Tough Vac to suck up any of the cold ash left over from last year's barbecues. Simply attach the bag included in the pack and away you go!

Steam Cleaner

  • Barbecue grills are a haven for germs and burnt on food. Use your Kärcher steam cleaner with one of our metal bristled brushes to clean the grease and grime left on the barbecue grills.
  • Get those barbecue utensils looking as good as new. Use a Kärcher steam cleaner with the soft nylon brush to prepare them for use this barbecue season.

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