Gluten is a type of protein found in cereals, certain grains, and wheat.

Gluten is a type of protein found in cereals, certain grains, and wheat.

A gluten free diet has a number of health and lifestyle benefits. For some it is a choice but for others a gluten free diet is a health requirement. A free from gluten diet can improve cholesterol levels, increase energy levels and promote digestive health.

With gluten-free products beginning to line the supermarket shelves, we’ve lined up a top ten gluten free products for you to try.

1. Alara Crunchy Oats Gluten Free Honey Granola

Crunchy granola, with a sweet honey flavour, strawberries, seeds and fruit. No added sugar, salt, fat or flavouring; all gluten free.

Alara have been making organic muesli thank than anyone else in the UK. They are experts in organic products and the largest UK producer of organic muesli. All their products are locally farmers and sustainable in recyclable packaging and low carbon footprint.

2.Lovemore Gluten Free Shortbread Fingers

With a hearty crunch and natural taste these shortbread fingers are both gluten and wheat free.

Produced by Lovemore Free From Foods, these tasty treats have been manufactured to ensure a long shelf life to keep them fresher for longer. The bakers at Welsh Hills Bakery make sure there is no compromise in there no gluten and no wheat products.

.3. Organ's Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce
This is the only gluten free canned spaghetti on the market. Made from a blend of rice and protein rich yellow split peas with a tasty tomato sauce, everyone can now enjoy one of the nations favourite snacks.

Free from wheat and protein this canned treat is also 99.6% fat free with no added sugar. The latest in Organ's range of 'free from' products this spaghetti is nutritionally valuable and a great treat if you're watching your weight.

4.Nakd Cocoa Delight Gluten Free Bars

This best selling product is a combination of natural superfoods with nothing artificial.

With no added sugar, gluten, wheat and dairy free, these delicious bars are just raw fruit and nuts, cold compressed to maintain the nutritional value. The handley packaged bars are design to great for you chocolate fix.

5.Meridian Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter

The crunchy texture of this organic peanut butter is gluten free, wheat free, with no added salt and suitable for Vegans.

Produced in the UK this product is suitable for the whole family, for spreading, cooking and baking, providing a natural replacement for one of the nations favourite spreads.

6.Organ's Buckwheat Pancake Mix

Enjoy light and fluffy pancakes with a unique wholesome flavour, which are wheat free and gluten free.

Made using the fruit seed Buckwheat, these pancakes are full of natural goodness and stone milled using a traditional method to ensure the best freshness, flavour and nutritional value. Organ are famed for their range of 'free from' products suitable for a range of diets and to be enjoyed all year round.

7. Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust

An easy to prepare, gluten free, wheat free and dairy free, crust mix that makes two twelve inch pizza crusts.

Simply add eggs, water and olive oil to make your own delicious pizza's at home. Designed to bake like a real wheat crust, this gluten free flour is unrecognisable against normal everyday flour; great for making soft pizza dough.

8. Amisa Express Pure Porridge Oats Sachets

These sachets of gluten free porridge oats are delicious and nourishing and will slowly release energy to keep you active all day.

Easy to prepare in 2 minutes this Amisa produce is part of their range of foods make to suit individuals. Their specifically tested foods show an understanding of each body's uniqueness and how to make products that fit every individuals needs.

9.Organ's Buckwheat Pasta Spirals

These naturally wheat free and gluten free pasta shapes are the ideal basis for a number of Italian dishes.

With great taste and texture, this product has no added sugar and is perfect for anybody on a 'free from' diet. The main ingredient, Buckwheat, is a fruit seed replacement for grain, and the best known source of high biological protein in the plant world; perfect for lowering high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

10. Warburtons Gluten Free Brown Bread

From their family to yours, this loaf is gluten free and wheat free. Warburtons have extended their famous range of breads to cater for every family's needs.

This high in fibre loads has the texture and taste of all their freshly baked batches. Perfect for toasting and sandwich making, their breads also offer a source of calcium and iron, to keep nutrition leaves balanced.

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