Watch our video featuring leading sommelier Gerard Basset as he chats about the latest summer dining trends and which French wines we should best enjoy with them.

When dining out with your friends, family or colleagues do you choose your restaurant based on the food, the wine list, the view, or maybe the excellent customer service? Do you select your dining venue based more on the holistic experience you seek, with a combination of important factors, over and above the food itself?

With 'on trend' experiences such as sky high dining, delicious new ramen burgers and multiple other foodie trends emerging, eating out has never been more popular and the choice so varied. But, with so many styles to choose from, are there some particular French wines that will enhance your dining experience?

We're joined by Gerard Basset, one of the World's leading sommeliers who also happens to be a restaurateur, to talk us through his choice of French wine for a variety of styles of dining. Whether you're seeking an experience that is authentic and natural or glamorous and chic, Gerard has the perfect recommendation of wine to match your dining trend.

And, as well as recommending wines to suit the overarching dining style, Gerard shares his thoughts on the perfect French wines to match your chosen dishes.

Impress your friends, family and colleagues with your expert wine knowledge after watching our video

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