What will you do with your strawberries?

What will you do with your strawberries?

British strawberry season is upon us and the queen of fruits is making its way back on our plates, ready to be dipped in chocolate, smothered in cream, dropped in champagne… or simply eaten fresh.

Top strawberry tips :

Neil Nugent, Executive Chef of Product Development at Morrisons provides his top five ways to make the most out of your strawberries this summer:

Try dipping in a good balsamic vinegar such as Morrisons M Signature aged Balsamic- it’s a perfect appetiser

Serve whole with shaved parmesan cheese - the salty cheese goes perfectly with the strawberries to create a sweet fragrant flavour

Try on a skewer- rub with a little olive oil, then barbeque quickly over hot coals, serve with freshly ground black pepper  

Strawberries are perfect for smoothies- with a little yoghurt, banana and orange juice

Crush strawberries using a fork with a little sugar and freshly chopped mint - this is delicious served with vanilla ice cream

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