Long gone are the days of Spanles, Banjo bars and Fry's Five Centres.

Long gone are the days of Spanles, Banjo bars and Fry's Five Centres.

80's retro treat Spangles are the number one most missed sweet.

The fruity treats were voted top in a poll of 620 shoppers by NetVoucherCodes.co.uk.

With 18% of the votes, the 80's favourites were closely followed by the chocolate choice Banjo, which also came to a demise in the 80s.

Taking bronze with 14% in this sugary survey were Fry's Five Centres; famous for their five squares of fruity cream fillings.

Nostalgic sweet tooths voted Golden Cup in fourth with Galaxy Counters close behind in fifth.

For some shoppers the confectionary aisle just isn't the same anymore, with many wanting to see the return of these favourite retro wrappers.

'It's funny how as the years pass we become nostalgic about things we loved as kids and strange how all of a sudden we miss them,' said a member of the team at Net Voucher Codes.

Reminiscing about their childhood favourites one respondent said: 'Spangles were my absolute favourite. I loved the fruit flavours. It was the shape that got me too. The thick boiled sweet around the outside then the indented middle. I used to suck the sweet until the middle disappeared and stuck my tongue through the hole.'

Another said: 'I adored Toffos – I can even remember the ones that were different flavours. The toffee was delicious and creamy. I used to have to hide them from my dad otherwise he’d eat the lot.'

Now parents themselves many shoppers empathise with their child's lust for a sweet treat, one said: 'Candy whistles used to drive my mum nuts which is why I used to buy them with my pocket money. I have to admit the whistle was piercing. Now I have kids of my own I get why she always pointed out other candy treats. Candy lipsticks were another favourite. Both only cost something silly like a penny.'

Top Ten Missed Sweets

1.      Spangles                     18%

2.      Banjo                          16%

3.      Fry’s Five Centres     14%

4.      Golden Cup                13%

5.      Galaxy Counters        12%

6.      Toffo                           10%

7.      Texan                         7%

8.      Treets                         4%

9.      Candy Whistles         2%

10.  Fuse                            1%

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