This summer, food writer and stylist, Rosie Birkett has partnered with Mission Deli Wraps to put together a collection of tips and hints to for laid back summer entertaining. We caught up with Rosie to speak to her about the latest trends on the food scene and her tips for throwing a stress-free summer party.

Rosie Birkett

Rosie Birkett

We've noticed savoury puddings cropping up on menus recently - why do you think they are so popular?

I don't think people will ever be bored with sweet desserts, but they're looking for innovation and ways of using ingredients in new ways. Lots of veg that we consider savoury can be used in desserts because they are so naturally full of sugars - think of carrot cake and I've also seen a lot of beetroot-based desserts lately. At Carousel in Marylebone where I cooked a pop up last year, they are serving a herb cake at the moment, made with parsley and mint - a fab idea by Ollie Templeton the chef.

I think people are excited by something a bit different and unexpected, but it has to be delicious to work! For example, I've just created a recipe where I've used Mission Deli wraps to make sweet French toast triangles with caramelised pineapple and crème fraiche.

You get the flavours of French toast with the cinnamon sugar and fried bread but it's much thinner and crispier than normal French toast and is so nice against the luscious, indulgent crème fraiche and caramelised pineapple. I suggest deglazing the pineapple with a bit of rum for an extra kick too!

Rosie Birkett

Fats are also back in fashion. How can people incorporate healthy fats into dishes at home?

I've always enjoyed good fats (and sometimes not so good fats). I truly believe that the key to being healthy is to eat a diverse and varied diet, and I feel like my body needs fat in my diet too to stay healthy. I eat charcuterie with good quality, slow grown, naturally occurring fat in it, extra virgin olive oil, especially on salads, sourdough and tomatoes.

I've also recently created an avocado mayo, which is a creamy mayo-style condiment made with avocado whipped with lime and tahini. I use it as a moist, rich base spread on a soft Mission Deli wrap for a southern roasted cauliflower dish. It's a really healthy way of adding richness.

To help you get the most out your summer parties, Rosie has put together her top entertaining tips, designed to take the stress out of your next garden/dinner party. Follow Rosie's advice in the following video and you'll be guaranteed a reputation for throwing the best parties!

Rosie Birkett has put together a collection of delicious recipes using Mission Deli Wraps, which are super soft, so they are easier to fold and hold fillings better. For more recipe inspiration visit