Starbucks, Warrington is ideally located in the heart of the Golden Square Shopping Centre, among at all of the high end shops.

With both an indoor and ‘outdoor’ (in the mall) seating area, you can have a quieter drink inside with a newspaper or  watch the bustle of the eager shoppers zipping past you as you take the pace down a little and enjoy one of their drinks and snacks or sandwiches.

My sister in law and husband enjoyed one of the new Strawberries and Cream Frappuccinos, especially released for the summer.

Inspired by the quintessentially English combination enjoyed at Wimbledon. This summer drink has a ribbon of strawberries laced around the outer part of the cup, then filled with milk and ice, more strawberry sauce and topped with whipped cream.

This thick beverage takes a few moments to melt enough to drink it through a straw, so sit back and let it do its thing! Although it’s made of cream and milk it has the thickness of an ice cream- so it’s perfect for when it’s sunny outside and functions as two summer treats in one. The flavour can be likened to the classic strawberry and cream boiled sweets we used to get from the local sweet shop- bringing back all the memories of being a carefree kid on your summer holidays.

For those who are a little more heath conscious, Starbucks have not left you out. There is a more modest option for a Red Berry or Banana Yoghurt Frappuccino. A combination of chilled yoghurt and fruit compote, blended with ice is the ideal drink for the more waistline conscious. A welcome change to the usual frozen yoghurt with a spoon, this smooth drink means you can enjoy it while having a rest or on the go.

As someone who is Lactose free and does not like coffee or tea I was keen to find out what drinks were on offer for me. I was delighted to find the Starbucks Refresha Orange (also in Cool Lime). With extract of Green Coffee, with no coffee taste; this is the ultimate thirst quencher.  With real orange slices and a hit of real fruit juice, this was a great booster at the end of a hectic shopping trip.

There is always the good old favourites, such as the Mango Passion Fruit Blended Juice Drink as another summer drink option, with mango and passion fruit juices, hibiscus infusion and ice. A tart, fresh, drink that makes your mouth water.

We were served by Tom, who was very patient as we all decided what we wanted and told us what was in each drink as we were not sure from the menu. We all enjoyed a Chocolate Chunk Shortbread or a Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookie with our drinks which tasted just like mum used to make.

Overall, if your are going shopping in the centre, at some point in the day stop for some chill out time in Starbucks, or for a pick me up before you head for some more retail therapy. It is ideal for people who are lactose free, so if you have avoided it in the past- break the habit, as there if far more selection that you might initially think.


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