The challenging demands of life in the 21st century can often lead to many of us suffering from physical and mental fatigue. With our increasingly busy lifestyles, we are all bound to burn-out at some point during the day.

To keep ourselves going, the temptation is often to reach for a sugary energy drink or strong coffee. FireStar is the intelligent and smart alternative, that enhances everyday life for aspiring people.

Proven to enhance both mental and physical performance, the efficiency of FireStar will keep you alert during any activity whether that's driving, studying, working or exercising. The ultra-portable energy comes in crystal form within a discreet sachet - simply tear open, pour directly onto the tongue and then eat and enjoy like a sweet.

It is easy to use at any time and in any place, whether that's on the go or at your desk. The sustained release technology keeps you feeling alert for up to 4 hours, and helps to avoid that all too familiar sugar crash we all loath. Nothing is stronger, more convenient and longer lasting. With only 10 calories per serve it really is a healthier choice to support and improve all aspects of an active lifestyles.

Dr Andrew Guise, founder of FireStar, says "Most energy products currently on the market are inefficient, sugar-loaded and don't have a sustained long lasting effect. FireStar is available whenever you need an energy boost and is the intelligent choice for those looking for a healthy alternative to energy drinks."

FireStar is available in 3 flavours; Cherry, Cola, and Ice Mint and comes in two different strengths, 2 hours and 4 hours. Priced at £1 compared to up to £2.50 for leading energy drinks and coffees, FireStar represents incredible value. Try the smallest, strongest and most efficacious energy product on the market today and don't look back!

For more information on FireStar, please visit or visit the FireStar Energy Facebook and Twitter pages.



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