National Pie Day: Steak, Kidney and Walnut Pie Recipe

National Pie Day: Steak, Kidney and Walnut Pie Recipe

It’s National Pie Day and we’re celebrating the only way we know how, by bringing you a delicious pie recipe.

Steak and Kidney pies have to be the most traditional but this recipe has a little twist in the form of Opies pickled walnuts. They add great flavour to an already delicious pie!

Here’s what you’ll need and how to make it –

Steak and Kidney Pie with Opies Pickled Walnuts


500g Diced Chuck Steak

200g Diced Kidney

300ml Ruby Port

2 Onions – finely chopped

1 Garlic Clove – crushed

100g Opies Pickled Walnuts – sliced

400ml Beef Stock

500g Puff Pastry

1 Egg, beaten

Oil - for frying


Pre-heat oven to 180ºC/350ºF/Gas 4.

Heat a large frying pan with a little oil and add half the steak and kidney and fry for a few minutes turning occasionally to seal the meat.

Repeat with the rest of the meat and transfer to a large rimmed casserole dish.

Place the onions and garlic into the frying pan and stir in the port. Bring to the boil and cook until the port is reduced by half.

Place in the casserole dish with the meat and add the walnuts and mix together.

Pour over the beef stock, cover and cook for 2 hours.

Once this is removed from the oven, turn the oven up to 220ºC/425ºF/Gas 7.

Roll out the pastry 2” larger than the casserole dish and reserve.

Use the trimmings to roll out a strip of dough for the rim of the dish.

Brush the rim of the dish with water and place the strip of pastry on the rim and press down well. Brush the strip of pastry with water and cover the dish with the reserved pastry. Press down well to seal it to the strip.

Finally, trim the excess and brush with the beaten egg. Make two small slits in the centre to allow steam to escape and bake for 20 – 30 minutes until the pastry has puffed and is golden brown.

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