With Christmas right around the corner and the excuse of festivities to put some good food in our bellies, we reached out to Tesco to see if we could trial their latest range of holiday sandwiches. When they came back with a yes, we couldn't have been more excited! Here's what we thought of what the supermarket chain have to offer this season...

Finest Festive Feast Trio (£3.50)

Three mini rolls are on offer from Tesco's showpiece this year, with a different filling inspired by a classic Christmas dish.

To start, you get the Posh Prawn Cocktail, which is made up of MSC-approved prawns in a boozy Bloody Mary sauce, enveloped with a soft, oat-topped roll. The taste is absolutely delicious and one you'll want to savour; hopefully Tesco will consider putting this filling in a full sandwich at some point in the near future.

The 'main course' comes in the form of the traditional Turkey & Stuffing, consisting of British, butter-basted turkey, which is topped with sweetcure bacon, sage and onion stuffing and served with cranberry sauce. Portion-wise, this is perfectly package, and ensures you get a mouthful of every filling with each bite.

Then comes the grand finale; the Chocolate & Cherry dessert. This chocolate roll is filled with a smooth cream cheese, finished with a port and cherry sauce drizzle, and certainly packs a punch. Personally, this was a little more than I could handle after the gorgeous starter and main, and should probably be kept for a couple of hours after lunch as a pre-dinner treat!

Finest Salmon Duo Bagel (£3.50)

A beautiful onion bagel is filled with Scottish gin-and-juniper-cured salmon, alongside oak-smoked salmon and candy-striped beetroot, as well as a zingy horseradish crème fraîche dressing and spinach in Tesco's second addition to their Finest range.

The taste here is second-to-none. For salmon lovers, this is the ultimate treat over the Christmas season, and something you'll want to indulge in a few times over the holidays!

Vegetable Christmas Dinner Wrap (£2.50)

Tesco's new Vegetarian sandwich really delivers. A pumpkin tortilla wrap is packed full of sweet, maple roasted vegetables and a traditional vegetarian stuffing to ensure all of your tastebuds are popping. Those who say vegetarians are missing out when it comes to Christmas clearly haven't tried this delicious lunchtime snack!

Boxing Day Sub Roll (£2.30)

My personal favourite of the new range is the sub that celebrates the day that comes after Christmas! A soft marmalade sub roll is filled with smoked ham, bubble and squeak and a sprout slaw, and Tesco here serve up their biggest combination of flavours of the year!

Turkey & Trimmings Sandwich (£2.20, or £3.00 for Gluten Free)

The traditional entry to the festive range makes its return, but this year there's a Gluten Free option for anybody who may be gluten-intolerant! As is often the case with gluten free food, the bread is a little dry, but fortunately the fillings make up for that to ensure a tasty treat.

Brie & Cranberry Sandwich (£2.20)

This one could do with a little more filling, but for those who like their simply sandwiches over Christmas, this will be right up their street. The brie is incredibly tasty, and there's just enough cranberry sauce to ensure each bite delivers. A meat filling would help bring this to the top tier, but without it, this also caters to the veggies among us.

The Tesco Christmas sandwiches are available now, with all (bar the two Finest selections) available as part of the £3 Sandwich Meal Deal, which adds a snack and drink to your lunch!

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