My name’s Guy and The English Wine Collection came about, like so many ideas, after a fair amount of navel gazing and mentally trying out a few variations on for size first.

The English Wine Collection

The English Wine Collection

So how did I get here and what made English wine in particular my raison d’etre?

Well, I very nearly didn’t make it to this point at all. When I turned 30 my life took a dramatic turn and within three years I’d had two open heart surgeries and emergency surgery on my leg. Frankly, it was a miracle I made it to 33 at all, but along the way, as I stared at ceilings in half upright positions for months on end to recover, I had a little help from my two great passions in life, good wine and strong coffee.  It’s not quite the standard recovery advice from the surgeon but it’s an awful lot more interesting than standard blood thinners.

During that period I had a lot of time to think.  I had previously worked in logistics in London and I guess you can call it a meaning of life moment - I wanted to do something I really enjoyed.  I knew I wanted to get more involved with the wine industry - I wanted to learn more and share years of amateur passion born of a family background in rare wines from around the world.

At that time I had moved from London to Devon with my partner.  Amongst the coastal walks, rolling hills and rural beauty of the South Hams I started working at a local vineyard, Sharpham, famed for its position in a bend on the River Dart and in the grounds of a beautiful estate. 

Here, my eyes were opened to the rich world of English wines.  Once considered second rate in a world of European leaders, English wines have developed to become world leading and award winning.  Our sparkling wines regularly out perform their Champagne counterparts in blind tests, master wine experts bestow their praise on our products, and even the Queen has her own vineyard in Windsor.

The more I discovered, the more I loved it.  The more studying I did, the more I realised what special products English wines can be, and the more I knew I wanted to share my realisations with as many people as I could - making it easier to access these beautiful wines from vineyards large and small across the UK.

The result is a collection of the best example of English wines, epitomising the highest levels of the winemaking craft that we have cultivated in the UK.  My hope is to provide you with the go to place to find the best English wines, offering suggestions and advice for every palate and occasion, and really showcasing this beautiful genre of great British exports.

The place to buy great English wine

The English Wine Collection is the world’s largest curated collection of English wines. From coastal vineyards to those in the Garden of England, English wines have developed to become world leading and indeed world beating, competing on the International market.  From vineyards small and large, English wines are made with personal passion and a lot of hard work, but they’re often only available in limited amounts and a small number of outlets.  So we scour the country for the best of the best, simplifying the process of finding and buying great English wine by bringing you the finest vintages for every palate and occasion, all in one place.

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