Make your very own 'Brunch O'Cluck' Pancake Stack with Birds Eye fillet burgers!
Make your very own 'Brunch O'Cluck' Pancake Stack with Birds Eye fillet burgers!

Eloise Head, the self-taught baker behind FitWaffle, with 2.5m TikTok followers and 917k followers on Instagram, has caused a stir on social media, after revealing her new brunch time recipe – ‘Brunch O’Cluck Pancake Stack’, which has already racked up over 252,000 views and 36,800 likes.

Speaking about the viral sensation that her recipe has been, the TikToker comments: "The sweet vs savoury debate has been around for a long time, so I’m excited to get involved – especially as I love a sweet and savoury combination – no matter how controversial!

"Birds Eye Chicken Shop Burgers make for the perfect way to enjoy takeaway-style chicken at home, but I wanted to try something different in a meal that people wouldn’t expect, which is how I came up with the ‘Brunch O’Cluck Pancake Stack’."


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The foodie’s latest creation oozes delicious flavours, with fluffy pancakes piled high, sandwiching layers that each include a Birds Eye Chicken Shop chicken burger lightly covered in peanut butter. To top it off, a drizzling of honey and some berry goodness is added for a sweet finish.

Brunch - a combination of breakfast and lunch - has grown in popularity over the last few years and this recipe is the perfect brunch time treat, only requiring five simple ingredients.

Although, it seems the sweet and savoury combination at brunch has divided the nation with one user saying “[I] think [yo]u might have lost the plot” and others stating it’s a [food] crime with, “hello police…I’d like to report a crime.” On the flip side, lovers of the creative combination have commented “I never have [tried this] but I definitely need to” and “yasss love this combo.”

Would you give the 'Brunch O'Cluck' Pancake Stack a try?
Would you give the 'Brunch O'Cluck' Pancake Stack a try?

The chicken and peanut butter pairing appears to be one of the main sticking points, with users commenting the “peanut butter ruined it” and that the spread be left “miles away from the chicken.”

Annalisa Fanali, Marketing Manager Chicken at Birds Eye, said: “We are delighted with how Eloise has pushed the brunch-boundaries and is showing people that brunch can be a time to look forward to tasty, yet balanced, food. Our Chicken Shop products offer shoppers the chance to enjoy takeaway-style chicken at home as they are so versatile – which Eloise’s recipe certainly shows. Working with Eloise to bring something different and easy to make to the table from a chicken perspective has been great. Her new recipe is perfect for bringing magic to mealtimes. We’re so pleased with the Brunch O’Cluck Pancake stack, and even more thrilled that it’s getting people talking!”

So, fancy giving the recipe a try? Look no further!

The Brunch O’Cluck Pancake Stack Recipe:

Servings: 2


  • 2 Birds Eye Chicken Shop Ultimate Chicken Burgers
  • 3 Pancakes
  • 2 tbsp Peanut Butter
  • Handful of Fruit
  • Drizzling of Honey


  1. Place 2 Birds Eye Chicken Shop Ultimate Chicken Burgers in the oven and cook to pack instruction
  2. Place a warm pancake on a plate, layer with a Chicken Burger once cooked then add a tbsp of peanut butter 
  3. Repeat the layering of step two and top with a final pancake, handful of fruit
  4. To finish off, drizzle some honey over the pancake stack
  5. Enjoy the sweet & savoury combination!

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