Irene Arango, Co-Founder of Nama tells us how to eat a raw food diet sensibly and how to get the best out of it.



So many of us think that the fatigue, the irritability, the discomfort and all the little physical ailments are normal...or inevitable. The truth is that many ailments are not inevitable, or normal, and can be avoided eating a healthy diet and keeping active to maintain a fit body.

At NAMA we call it 'vibrant living' and it is more than eating right, is having clarity of mind, excitement for the day ahead and plenty of energy. It is living to your full potential.

To achieve this we recommend:

- Drink plenty of water and water rich foods: being hydrated helps your body to dispose of toxins and helps the heart to pump blood easier to the rest of the body.

- High raw foods: try to keep 75% of your plate full with vegetables and green leaves. These are rich in water content and deliver far higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the body that their cooked counterparts.

- Only consume 'good' sugars: let's face it, it is very difficult not to have anything sweet at all, but by making sure the sugars you consume are the 'good kind' so wholefood sweeteners like coconut sugar & dates you can ensure they are not detrimental to your health.

- Keep active: exercise regularly or maintain an active lifestyle by walking an hour a day, doing yoga, pilates or another gentle exercise- your body will greatly appreciate it.

- Supplement appropriately: in general, we all needs some kind of supplementation. We highly recommend the consumption of probiotics to replenish the intestinal flora and improve digestion. We also like to use chlorella powder, as it boosts the immune system to get rid of toxins, chemicals and heavy metals, lowers cholesterol and increases the good bacteria presence in the gut.

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