When it comes to Christmas, everyone goes that extra mile to make Christmas Day something special and memorable. Being British, food and drink play a big part, with THAT lunch the highlight of the day.

Duncan Mercer and Barry Lewis

Duncan Mercer and Barry Lewis

However people are often overwhelmed with the choice of wines to accompany their Christmas meal, so Duncan Mercer and Barry Lewis from www.englishwineshop.co.uk have come up with recommendations to take the heat out of the kitchen.

Stater for Ten!

It's Bucks Fizz time! How about a bottle of Danebury Cossack £23.99 from Hampshire? Perfect to add pizazz to your morning while you inspect what Santa has left for you in your stocking!

Aperitif Darlings!

While the bird is busy getting nice and brown in the oven and you've grappled with kisses on your sprouts, the cook, if no one else, deserves a nice aperitif before settling down to the main event. How about a lovely glass of Amber Valley Lindway White £12.00 from Derbyshire? It's light, fruity, and perfect for tantalising your tastebuds in advance of the meal.

The Main Event!

And so to the main event and the bird….turkey or goose, whatever your pleasure. If it's a goose then how about a lovely, gently citrusy, top award winning Gusbourne Brut Reserve £29.99? For turkey, perhaps the Bolney Blanc de Blancs £26.99, a delightful blend from deep in the heart of Sussex? Or try the Gusbourne Pinot Noir £21.99, light with smoky notes and excellent complex red fruit.

Hurrah for the Stilton!

And now for my favourite part - dessert and cheese, if you still have the room. But there's always a bit of room for a piece of rich and delicious Stilton or mature Cheddar. So which wines will ensure the perfect ending? How about a Bolney Lychgate Red £13.99? A light to medium bodied red with good tannin that really sets the tastebuds alight and brings out the flavour of the cheese.

And there we are. Christmas made easy!

Check out www.englishwineshop.co.uk for lots of great offers, all delivered straight to your door so no lugging heavy bags of bottles back from the supermarket….and while you're about it, they've got lots of nice gift ideas for the wine connoiseur in your family, so have a good browse around.You won't be disappointed.

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