Ezio got a bit jealous of the shiny silver horse

The parkour elements of the first two games returns, with the same satisfying feeling you get when you leap from one building to the next to escape pursuing guards. The simple but effective combat system remains, picking different weapons like the deadly hidden blade or the long sword to dispatch your enemies in a variety of imaginative ways. The further you get into your combinations and flow of battle, the deadlier you become; eventually you pick up the gun attachment for your wrist, you can combine the melee combat with this, getting multi-kills. The combat system just works, and makes you feel like the silent killer that Ubisoft Montreal intended.

The voice acting is superbly done, and the writing is excellent. Not even the biggest story within games haters will find themselves skipping the brilliantly directed cut scenes. The calming orchestral music compliments the setting well, and the music picks up around the action packed moments to really ramp up the sense of pace. With the addition of multiplayer and a fantastically long and satisfying campaign mode, this game is an absolute must play; it will have you wishing you could put on your robes and run across rooftops before you can say ‘Requiescat in Pace’.

Verdict: 9/10

Female First Edward Lewis

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