‘Alan Wake Remastered’ will not feature the original game’s product placements, Remedy Entertainment has confirmed.

Alan Wake Remastered (c) Remedy Entertainment/Epic Games Publishing

Alan Wake Remastered (c) Remedy Entertainment/Epic Games Publishing

The original game had several product placements, like billboards from Verizon, flashlights, and batteries from Energizer, and other brands such as Ford, Lincoln, and more.

Now, however, a PR rep for Remedy has confirmed to Screen Rant that the upcoming remastered game will not bring back any of the brands seen in the original game – due to expired brand deals – and instead will be replaced with “generic in-universe branding”. Though, TV Shows and songs from the original will make a return.

‘Alan Wake Remastered’ will bring fans “the complete Alan Wake experience, including the two story-expansions The Signal and The Writer, originally released as DLCs, with all-new 4K visuals, updated environments, cutscenes.”

It will be released for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC via The Epic Games Store on October 5.

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