‘Among Us’ developers have teased the game’s upcoming map.

Among Us' new map via Twitter (c)

Among Us' new map via Twitter (c)

The online multiplayer social deduction game has become hugely popular this year despite the title first being released in 2018, and to keep things exciting for players, developers and publishers at InnerSloth recently confirmed they are working on a brand new map.

And on Thursday (19.11.20), the official ‘Among Us’ Twitter account posted a picture of part of the planned map to whet the appetites of those eager to get in and check out the new content.

Alongside the picture, the account wrote: “Welcome to the official Among Us Twitter

“Get all the news, peeks, and fun shenanigans here and become a part of the crew.

“Here's a special look at the NEW Among Us map! (For your eyes only!!) (Don't show the impostors!!) (sic)”

The map looks like a bright and large cockpit area, and at first glance, there is a vent in the middle for imposters to use, as well as several tasks for crewmates, including a wifi box to do downloads and a wiring box to fix.

Fans of the ‘Henry Stickmin Collection’ - which is also published by InnerSloth - will no doubt see the similarities between the new map and the ship featured in the hilarious choose-your-own-path title.

InnerSloth is remaining quiet about other details concerning ‘Among Us’, but told fans to watch The Game Awards on December 10 for more information.

A second tweet read: “Hungry for more? Keep an eye out for @thegameawards on Dec 10. It's getting reaaaaal suspicious over there. (sic)”